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  1. Well, let's hope this particular dream does come true one day Publishing sure isn't an easy process. I just hope I will find a good publishing house that will guide me through the whole thing.
  2. Sorry what do you mean by registrations? No not "out of line" as such, but with the illustrations it just wouldn't be suitable for an e-book reader I guess. Ok I'll just check what genres they do - I guess the only thing is that it isn't fictional. But looking at their website now, it sounds to me as if they published quite a vast array of genres, so maybe it wouldn't be any issue. Yes it's definitely a bumpy road to get to fulfill your dreams, but one can still be envious in a positive way, I guess I meant it more in an admirative sense Sometimes being envious is what drives you to reach your goals. Being envious and jealous are two different things for me, one is negative and the other positive. But maybe that's just my interpretation I'm not a native after all!
  3. Thanks a lot for sharing! And well done on having actually managed to publish something - I am envious Yes I have considered it, however several points make me a bit reluctant: first of all, I am quite traditional and seem to still prefer physical paper books. The feel of them, their smell, etc. And the other important reason is that as I said, it would be important for me to have hand-drawn illustrations. And although it is possible to have those on kindle books, they are black and white, and it just isn't the same. So it would be a last resort option for what I am trying to do!
  4. I totall agree Hence I am really grateful for all the great input so far!!!!! Are you serious? That sounds like everyone's dream. So you would definitely recommend them? Do you know how they are on a personal level - i.e. is it a small house, do they take time for their writers and really support them? That is the main thing for me at the end of the day. And also what kind of Genres they publish (if there are any restrictions).
  5. I am really grateful for all these tips and ideas You guys are great. I do have some ideas about illustrations and so on as drawing is a big passion of mine - how it will all come together is a mystery even to myself. But I definitely want it to be something that leads kids to think a bit outside the box, and not the most "traditional" way of teaching. I definitely think it will need some interactive aspects to be exciting and not just a dry textbook style book. Just out of curiosity, I was checking out various UK publishing houses targeting young writers or first book writers, and one house that I seemed to come across a lot is Novum publishing. Has anyone heard of it, or knows anything about it? On a side note: I know I was not targeted but I do apologise for any typos I might have had - I do type quite quickly and carelessly when on forums or chatting!
  6. Thanks for all the great pieces of advice everyone. I realize the task at hand is not an easy one - at this stage it's more gathering ideas for me anyways so nothing is set in stone yet And concerning the degree - I have two master's, one in environmental science and one in marine biology, so I am hoping that will help along the way ! I really want to read the Martian, so thanks for reminding me I do love Jules Verne, and have read the mysterious island (in French that is, since it's my mother tongue). Does anyone have any more thoughts on self-publishing vs. going with a publishing house?
  7. Hey guys, I can't thank you enough for the encouraging words and all the information you shared! It is such a great help for me, it's sometimes so hard to google these things, I just really prefer hearing peoples' experience about it - so much more helpful. I think in my case (and this is purely theoretical at this point in time, but this is just the way I see it now) I would prefer a publishing company to help me, just because I am so green to the business. And I am guessing they might have graphic designers as part of the team - or are these always separate? I just like the idea of having someone who supports me throughout the whole process. But I know the costs are accordingly higher. And Ophiolite, you ahve given me a lot to think about - which is great I guess some of these ideas aren't yet quite fleshed out, but I was thinking 8-10 years olds as an initial range, and about the topics, I was hoping to cover, superficially of course, all main areas of science, all the different fields that is - so a bit of oceanography, a bit of earth science, a bit of biology, metaphysics, astronomy, etc... I agree that it might end up being either too much, or too broad, but these are my initial thoughts.
  8. Hey guys, this is a bit random, but I have this crazy dream of one day writing a science book for kids. It's always been one of my ambitions, but sadly it is very far from being a concrete thing at this point in time, but I realised that if I ever want this to happen, I need to first learn the first thing about publishing a book. So I was hoping someone might have a bit of experience with this - maybe if you or someone you know already published a book? I am not talking about a proper science text book, just a sweet book for kids to get into science. I mean this sounds silly, but how do you even choose your title? How do you decide on the cover? I just want to hear how other people did it - hopefully at least one person might have some experience with this
  9. I’m glad you’d say that J funnily enough it didn’t look too much like it when I started my studies, but times have changed. Yes I know there’s a lot of consultancy jobs – don’t know if I’d like it too much but of course I’d have to try to be sure of it. I am personally more interested in a research path, so field assistant or research assistant is quite tempting for me. And my passion and specialisation (wrote my master’s thesis on it) are marine mammals, so even more happy you mentioned that too. But I am guessing you live in the US, right? I know prospects there are slightly different. And I know how hard it is to come work in the US as a foreigner, even though I am French. I often see marine mammal job adverts in the US, and they all always state that you have to be a US citizen to be able to apply. It’s quite frustrating really, I have all the qualifications a US citizen could have of not more. Seems like everyone wants to go there since they can make it so hard to live there.
  10. Yes that's a good point. In any case, lots of time until the next one, so also enough time to inform yourselves and ask questions. The organisers' postal address and e-mail addresses in also on the website from what I've seen. But I understand that anyone interested might prefer to ask on a forum first - when I apply for something that I really want to get, I get quite worried about embarrassing myself by asking the advertiser / organiser silly questions Of course it's the best way to be sure you got all the instructions right, but there you have it. We don't always make total sense So totally understandable for me to ask here first
  11. They have updated it now actually - it's all up for download, in a Pdf if I'm not mistaken (need to check exactly though!). And pictures of the vent can be found here: http://pictures.schweighofer-prize.org/thumbnails.php?album=2Ok found it, it's indeed a pdf and can be downloaded here: https://ssl.schweighofer-prize.org/press/ I think since they just had their prize awarding ceremony that it will be a while before they send out information about the next prize. Odds are though that the criteria and requirements won't change much, if anyone wanted to apply for it here.
  12. I am so pleased with the fact that open education is becoming more widespread - it should be free, and I am happy such amazing people are willing to share their knowledge online for free. Not sure if this answers your question but I always thought coursera was an invaluable resource (also free), and also Khan academy - it's just brilliant (you can find all the videos online, on youtube etc.). In general tutorial videos online are really helpful for me to grasp new concepts, more than books and articles. It's the visual aid that makes it stick.
  13. I am not organising this and not related to it in any way, except that it is my field of study, but thought I'd share it for whoever is interetsted: Genomics Workshop II: Following the previous marine mammal genomics workshop held at the Biennial Conference in New Zealand in 2013, the field of genomics has continued to progress rapidly, experiencing relevant advances in sequencing technologies, laboratory techniques and data analysis methods. At the time of the previous biennial conference, genomic studies on marine mammals were hampered by a lack of suitable reference genomes, with only the high quality genomes of distant terrestrial relatives such as the dog, cow and elephant available for anchoring generated genomic data. However, by the time of the San Francisco conference, the number of high quality genome assemblies of marine mammal species is expected to be in double figures, facilitating the progression of our field, which is also benefiting from new innovative methods being applied to marine mammal species and more data being made publicly available. As a result, the number of published inter- and intra-specific genomics investigations on marine mammal species is expected to significantly increase during 2015. This workshop offers the opportunity for participants to keep track of this progression from genetics to genomics; to present their latest results and findings; and perhaps most importantly to share their experiences on the successes and pitfalls of different genomic techniques that can hopefully benefit us as a community by preventing needless and expensive replication and promoting better, more cost-effective use of resources. (for more info: https://www.marinemammalscience.org/conference/conference-registration/.) There is also this, for which registration is free and I thought sounded very interesting (but it's in Europe): CFP: The External Dimension as a driver for change’ An international conference hosted by the Long Distance Advisory Council (LDAC), focusing on sustainability and regional cooperation 16-17 September 2015 | Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain “As fishers, it is in all of our interests to see the sea managed sustainably by our counterparts overseas. The European industry is happy to have the chance to talk about positive changes in long-distance fisheries which we can contribute to and which help provide our livelihoods” – Michel Goujon, Orthongel (the Organisation of Producers of Frozen Tropical Tuna). The Long Distance Advisory Council (LDAC) will lead the debate on how the EU Cmmon Fisheries Policy’s focus on international fisheries can benefit global governance, transparency in African fisheries and social, economic and environmental sustainability, during this high-level, two-day event.
  14. My advice to you would be to check for degrees in the UK - there is such a high diversity there, and the main advantage is that 1) it's way cheaper 2) you study your specialisation from the beginning, instead of starting broader and then only specialising later during your studies. That is the reason why I came here, because my degree could not be ind in my home country (I would have had to first do a biology or geography Bachelor's, which I didn't want to do!). It's worth having a look, since their choice of degrees is really diverse, I have seen things here I had never known you could even study elsewhere. But maybe you dont want to be that far form home, which is also understandable of course.
  15. environmental planning - sorry just wanted to check what exactly you mean by that: more in terms of architectural planning, or rsik assessments, or managing nature reserves etc? (just because in my head it doesn't fit with environmental technology so wanted to be sure I got what you meant )
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