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  1. Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like Toyota Mirai hydrogen cylinders are just about 2 times thicker than regular hydrogen tanks. And there seem to be no metal. What a miraculous material is it? What will happen in a case of a car crash? Will it explode?
  2. What about gasoline plastic tanks? And there are plenty of strong materials that do not burn. Toyota Mirai suppose to store hydrogen at 700 bars. These cylinders do not look extremely thick. Methane at that pressure would probably have 2/3 volumetric density of gasoline. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Mirai#High-pressure_hydrogen_tanks
  3. Why should it be more dangerous than gasoline?
  4. Isn't something like Kevlar laminated Titanium going to work and be light and cheap enough? Commonly it is claimed that it is a methane fumes which are explosive. (But the same is true about gasoline fumes.) Not LNG by itself. There is a trick when a burning match is extinguished by putting it in LNG.
  5. I meant to use LNG in vehicles as a motor fuel. Obviously constant refrigeration isn't attractive option and it does suppose to be stored for indefinite period of time. Therefore some very high pressure cylinders are needed.
  6. Does it make any sense to use cylinders which are capable to withstand extremally high pressure (around 600 bars) and which could be filled with liquified methane (LNG)? They could be used instead of thermally insulated tanks in which LNG can be stored just a few days without significant losses. What pressure will they need to hold when LNG will get ambient temperature? Will it require some supermaterials?
  7. Why Nitrogen is a gas, but Copper is a solid? Nitrogen is three-valent and Copper is monovalent. Doesn't in mean Nitrogen does have more bonds to form and potentially more likely to form a crystal structure?
  8. Why Radon is gas under ambient temperature, but Gold and Lead are solid bodies? Even though Radon atoms are heavier.
  9. I think it comes to a question: what is better - daylight/soft white or golden yellow? And how is it possible to remove excessive blue component from LED light?
  10. Moon light spectrum LED spectrum Street light LED spectrum
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/16/health/blue-light-led-health-effects-bn-trnd/index.html
  12. What color of light would you prefer for street lightning and what color is the best for human eyes and psychic? Currently they replace high and low pressure sodium lams which produce light of orange-yellow color with LED lamps in many countries. Some people complain harshly about that. I think light color of LEDs can differ from city to city. In my city they are of yellowish white color mostly. Personally I dislike orange light produced by sodium lamps and almost comfortable with LEDs. Some studies claim LED light is harmful to eyes. I think ideal color should be something similar to Moon light (pale yellow) or closer to incandescent lamp light for general street lightning and warm yellow for an occasional decorative lightning.
  13. What if precession of the Earth axe would be so large that it would change its direction 180 degrees annually? What would be climate on Earth? Could there be a planets with that pattern of rotation? Which rotate like a spinning top?
  14. It seems under certain physical conditions tunneling can happen through barriers of any width (any distance). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klein_paradox
  15. Why do you think that probability of loosing connection is much higher than probability of breaks failure or any other technical failure? And why insurance suppose to get skyrocket?
  16. What if a person wants to have a private vehicle, but cannot or doesn't want to drive? I think a vehicle can be equipped with cameras and some person in India or elsewhere can drive it remotely. I expect it is not going to cost too much.
  17. What are the current laws in different countries (particularly Canada, US) about remote car steering? Are there any plans to legalize it? It could be helpful to those people who cannot and do not want to drive themselves.
  18. But I am talking about the future...
  19. 1) One potential advantage could be a lower cost. Once unlimited mobile internet becomes as cheap as unlimited cable internet, cables go away and everyone will have mobile internet. It means phone calls could potentially become free as everyone will use program similar to Skype to make phone calls. So, instead paying for internet+phone calls you may pay just for unlimited internet and make unlimited calls. 2) Once long distance highly efficient point to point energy transfer will become a reality (for example with help of quantum tunneling), probably both energy and data will be transfered in this way. So, battery in your phone (if any) will be used only in the case of unbelievable emergency.
  20. Shorter distances=higher frequency=higher power. Shorter distances=larger quantity of the base stations=higher price.
  21. What are the expectations about the price of unlimited mobile Internet when 5G network will be fully implemented? How much is it going to cost in USA or other countries?
  22. Possibly if Canada would be part of US Trump wouldn't be elected and Hillary Clinton instead? Different USA states have very quite different laws, so Canadian provinces would have a large space for self-identity here?
  23. Greenland is autonomy. Does it allow its inhabitants decide themselves?
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