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  1. Frictionless system which is capable to produce useful work indefinitely? Could you tell more on that?
  2. This is what I would be glad to know as well. If perpetuum mobile of the "third kind" will lead to the second law violation and why.
  3. If we would live in a Universe where absolute zero is achievable in principle, how would perpetuum mobile that exploits this effect practically look like? Just curious. Which components would it require and how would it function?
  4. When two dissimilar metals come into contact the Fermi energy equalizes. Electrons flow from metal with higher Fermi energy to the lower one. But then they create charge difference and electron flow stops. But what happens when two intrinsic (non-doped) semiconductors come in contact? If electrons and holes in these materials have the same mobility, will holes flow from one material to another as well?
  5. It's claimed quantum capacitance depends on material density of states. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_capacitance ​ Is there a materials or substances which have infinitely high or infinitely low density of states? What is a negative quantum capacitance? Do I understand it correct that high quantum capacitance reduces overall energy which could be stored in a capacitor while negative quantum capacitance increases total energy stored?
  6. How then Lithium-air rechargeable battery could work if Lithium-oxide can't be dissolved to ions? Does it use a molten salts? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithium%E2%80%93air_battery ​
  7. In order to do a rechargeable metal-air battery or aluminum production at room temperature viable, we would probably need to dissolve a metal oxide to ions, not just make it react violently. From what I know no metal oxides capable dissolve to ions. How then they experiment with rechargeable lithium-air, zinc-air, sodium-air batteries? What the chemistry is there?
  8. If there exist catalysts in nature which are capable to break down very strong Nitrogene bond (nitrogenasa, for example), why there is no (?) catalysts which are capable to break down metal oxides? For example, Aluminum oxide, Calcium oxide or similar? Could they exist in theory at least?
  9. Some people who fell in love with each other and married could lose interest to each other after some period of time. When you listen some melody and like it very much, you may find that it doesn't cause the same feelings in you after you hear it 100 times. You may lose interest to some type of delicious food if you eat it too often. Many drug addicted people switch to larger doses or stronger drugs with time. Etc. What is a neurological mechanism of it? What happens to brain?
  10. Which strong stimulants that available over-counter or herbal, develop practically no tolerance in difference from caffeine? I wish to know about the strongest ones.
  11. Which substance has melting point around +38-+43 Centigrades? A substance should be completely non toxic even if ingested. For example, something that could be used in a food industry. In its solid form (over +45C) it should be relatively hard, not too plastic.
  12. And he will not even be on a vote ballot...
  13. How can he run for Dem. party nomination then, if he is not a member of this party? And what was a reason for him to get involved in inter-party race with Klinton if it was obvious he had no chances?
  14. If Sanders will lose Dem. nomination could he quit Dem. party and go for presidency as an independant?
  15. Do you think Sanders would be able to win both Democratic nomination and US presidency if direct election would be held instead of indirect tricks?
  16. What do you think about cplit cycle Wankel engine? Will that type of engine burn oil like conventional Wankel? If we compare free-piston generator with proposed Wankel modification (used as a generator) which one would be better? ​
  17. So, originally they were Mongoloid and looked like Mongols or Chinese? What were their haplogroups initially?
  18. Anyone would expect then, that Turkic people are Mongoloids originally. However they often feature facial features and haplogroups those more typical to Europids than Mongoloids. For example Uyghur people often look differently from Chinese. Only minority of Tatars feature well pronounced Mongoloid features. Only small minority of Turkish have haplogroups typical to Mondoloid nations (Mongolia, China). Almost all Azeri look Caucasian/Middle Easternian How could it be explained?
  19. Does Russia have enough money to invest in Ukrainian economy to rise it to a developed country level? Is level of corruption in Russia lower than in Ukraine?
  20. And recently Polish rock musician was assigned as a chief of Ukrainian railways, ha-ha! Also they have economy minister who is an American citizen and minister of finance who is a Lithuanian citizen. Honestly, I don't think that assigning some particular foreigners will change entire Ukrainian system. It would require more complex measures... I think that relative success of Poland in economic development is mostly explained by external reasons. EU countries came to decision to invest in Poland and build some factories there because they need this country for strategic reasons. However, those new automotive plants that Germans build in Poland could hardly outstrip decline of industry which was created during times of "communism".
  21. Russia currently has too much of its own problems to rise up entire Ukraine. Crimea alone gives them troubles more they need, already. Ukraine needs union with one of the powerful developed countries. Examples of such unions in the past: Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  22. Majority of Ukrainians want Ukraine to become a developed, civilized European country. But development of this country is going slowly staggered by internal and external problems. What do you think about implementing some kind of "Marshal Plan" for Ukraine under which developed countries would take most of administration in Ukraine in their hands and develop new administrative system for this country? Also Ukraine may form some kind of Confederacy with more developed country. From what I know about Ukrainians, the vast majority of them would agree to live under foreign administration if it will help bring down corruption and increase level standards drastically.
  23. The legal aspects and social issues.
  24. Place it in appropriate section, if this is unsuitable here.
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