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  1. What % of a total white population in US white racists constitute? Those who are capable to cause any significant harm to blacks by beating, insulting, firing out of job for no reason, etc? Whites constitute 61.5 % of a total US population and blacks around 13%. It means that if number of white racists would constitute 20% of whites, then their total number would still be lower than the total number of blacks in US. How they would be able to organize a systematic racism? And there are always a lot of whites who are willing combat racism actively.
  2. Probably if I would experience something like this I would try to change my skin color by putting white tattoo on it in and in one day get out of such a misery forever. But that's a personal choice.
  3. Yes, but I've meant that there was a wide movement among whites against black slavery and president like A. Lincoln who did a lot to make them free. Many even fought and died in the citizenship war. There was a moral progress and a goodwill among whites to abolish slavery. Probably if whites would want they could still keep blacks in slavery up to 21 century.
  4. If I like to grow beard and believe it is natural and I live in Japan where many people and my potential employers may not have beard by nature and they believe it is a sign of a "barbarian" what I do if I follow no religion which mandates me to grow beard? Go in court and sue any employer who refused to hire me for discrimination or just shave my beard? The most important it could be done easily and without any health related consequences.
  5. If you assume that people suppose to stick to their natural appearance as a holy shrine then define "natural". Does it mean we never suppose to shave or cut our hair/nails like some ethnicities/religious cults do? But in some places like police, army and other govt. institutions the maximal length of beard/hair/nails could be mandatory, so we already live against the nature, as you see.
  6. I do not demand they have to, but it could serve as an indicator of a real discrimination scale. Typically people are trying to change their appearance if they expect significant economic or social gains by doing that. For example some actors of managers may go in solariums or work on their weight hardly to suit to some beauty "norms".
  7. And how common are such people among administrators or business owners (who are capable to conduct discrimination)? What is their intelligence level? An easy solution to racial profiling and discrimination. Do not regard as obligatory.
  8. If there exist systematic white racism in US, what could be a motives behind it? Does it mean that many whites hate black people solely for color of their skin? I do not suggest that someone suppose to change their skin color under racism pressure, but in principle it is quite easy to do. The cheapest solution is pinkish white tattoo over all your body. One visit to tattoo specialist and you are white forever. This method supposed to be available as long as 100 years ago. I never heard about anyone who would do it. With exception of Michael Jackson, of course.
  9. Astonishing. He supposed to die at 130. But from I know the longest well documented human lifespan was no more 122. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanne_Calment White (non-Hispanic) 197,277,789 61.5% https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_the_United_States#Race https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_California https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas#Ethnicity https://www.brookings.edu/blog/the-avenue/2018/03/14/the-us-will-become-minority-white-in-2045-census-projects/ Among non-retired people whites will become minority even sooner, not later than 2040. Just in 20 years. After that everyone would be able to sigh with relief because systematic white racism will gone once and forever. Racial segregation in US, examples. As you may see seats for whites are much better than those for coulored people.
  10. How old are you?!! I'm not young already, but even grandparents of my grandparents were almost certainly born after 1865 when slavery was abolished. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems the British outlawed slavery trade somewhere in the beginning of 19-th century. Moreover according to some claims they intercepted US ships with black slaves and hanged white slave traders right on the ships.
  11. Whites constitute 61.5% of total population in US. Among non-retired people this percentage is even lower. In some states like California whites constitute around 1/3 of population. How they been a small minority in a huge areas or been an insignificant majority in US in general are capable to organize a systematic racism is difficult to comprehend. Are they overrepresented in police or state government?
  12. I never lived in US for more than 6 month and don't suppose to be an expert in US history. Could you please stick to the facts, links and interesting details if you have something to say.
  13. Black slavery existed on mass scale in the Southern States and Brazil only. Only in minority of US states. Before that there were less numerous cases of black slavery in the rest of US in 16-18 centuries and even white slaves. But not in Canada, Europe, Australia or somewhere else. It all ended 160 years ago by goodwill of whites, without any uprising from slave's side. Almost immediately after that black males received all the election rights and business freedom. The first two black senator were elected in 1870. It proves election system was quite transparent towards blacks even back then. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiram_Rhodes_Revels And what is most important that despite racial segregation in the last 160 years no one prevented blacks to do the business, to create their own banks and enterprises and hire other blacks. Why they suppose to rely totally on white favors in our days?
  14. Not personally me. But I deserve for better.
  15. If this statistic is related to white racism somehow, then it is curious to discover that white racist police officers hate other whites much more than Asians/Pacific Islanders as they kill their own whites much more often in relative proportions. Average income in USA by ethnicity. The wealthiest are East Indians at $132,746 by household. Followed by all other Asians. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ethnic_groups_in_the_United_States_by_household_income Very strange "systematic racism" indeed.
  16. This is bad, of course. But there is some difference between a racial genocide as covert/open government program and an individual psycho. Are an individual white racists more common than colored racists? Including police officers? If yes, why? I thought that all races are equal and therefore racism (and racism motivated crime) should be equally common among them all. And what about crime rate?
  17. You may help me. Provide some proved data or a stories from you personal experience. Imagine the following situation: ether white or colored policemen killed a white person in US for no reason. A huge crowd of whites under slogans "White lives matter" devastate stores (including those belonging to colored people). Should it be welcomed?
  18. In my understanding severe racial harassment is not a widespread issue in US and there were only 174 blacks in total killed by police in 2015. Per 310.000.000 of population! This number includes those who were killed for a reason (correct me if I'm wrong). And regularly every few years there is someone with a videotape to picture brutal killing of an innocent black in all the details. Purely accidentally of course. A good reason for large scale violence. And of course police don't use armed force to stop violence immediately, like they just waited for something like this to happen. There is something suspicious in all it.
  19. Police suppose to fight crime without fear to be accused in racial profiling for no reason. First they will start fear to shoot in an armed criminals, then they will start to fear even arrest or detain them. And later they will start afraid even come close to them. It could make wrong impression in some group of population that they are "untouchables" and breed even much more violence.
  20. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/police-related-deaths-hit-664-in-us-this-year-2015-07-29 Obviously, white lives shouldn't be a concern for someone.
  21. Interesting, are there any racial riots in countries like Brazil? If not, why? Is situation with inter-racial relations less tense there? I have such impression (possibly erroneous) that racial riots in US and Europe could be intentionally provoked and encouraged to divide society along racial lines. For example just recently riots transferred to London, UK and what is most interesting - police doesn't stop the violence. They never do in such cases. Meanwhile it warms up sympathies to ultra-right parties in Europe. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-52907101
  22. I want out of this "virtual reality" that our life resembles...
  23. Are there any obvious and absolutely undoubtful proves he was killed for been a black primarily? I would agree there are such proves if his killer is a member of a racist organization which proclaimed killing blacks as a part of their program.
  24. I think in a developed and morally advanced society there should be no doubts large scale protests (desirably peaceful) against unnecessary police brutality. But sadly involving racial accent into the protests only divides society even deeper. Because protesters demand justice only for a part of population rather than for everyone. What are they going to loose if they will protest against brutality in general without race accents? People suppose to unite on issue overcoming racial barriers. Also it would be interesting to know: is there some evident proves that the race was the main reason of an excessive force use? What if something like this would happen to an Asian or a Caucasian?
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