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    Arts, philosophy, ethics, history, religion, biochemistry, psychoanalysis, Chemistry, anything related to medicine, basketball, etc. etc.
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    Always interested in Maths, although I chose to pursue medicine.
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  1. The fact that "pigs" and "dogs" are unclean, DOES NOT EQUAL that they're doomed to die. That's your point.
  2. How beautiful is today! I love spring....

  3. Agreed. Rupture of arteries cause serious problems, and intra-arterial injection is not a very common medical procedure.
  4. Trump will lead the US backwards. That's all.
  5. The p- groups (IIIA to VIIIA) seem to be out of place, a bit more right.
  6. I love you. [The World Campaign of Making people feel good.]

  7. It could stump a real person. Another one: Me: Imagine there is a nation. Bot: Imagines there's no countries. ME: Can a nation be different from a country. BOT: Because I was saying, that you might be the only real think in this universe. Since everything else, included me might been invented by your imagination. ME: You already stumped yourself. BOT: But I did. An Strange talk... PS: It seems the bot knows a poem by "Edgar Allan Poe" named "The Raven", because if you type two verses only, it'll go on.
  8. I think, the theist approach to "God" is ignored in this discussion.
  9. The concept of God is as old as Humanity itself. The concept of God is as old as Humanity itself.
  10. Certainly impossible. The concept of "GOD" is absent in Buddhism. However, he is the "father" - as christians say - in Christianity.
  11. He did but it doesn't mean he interferes in our daily deeds.
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