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  1. The fact that "pigs" and "dogs" are unclean, DOES NOT EQUAL that they're doomed to die. That's your point.
  2. How beautiful is today! I love spring....

  3. Agreed. Rupture of arteries cause serious problems, and intra-arterial injection is not a very common medical procedure.
  4. Trump will lead the US backwards. That's all.
  5. The p- groups (IIIA to VIIIA) seem to be out of place, a bit more right.
  6. I love you. [The World Campaign of Making people feel good.]

  7. It could stump a real person. Another one: Me: Imagine there is a nation. Bot: Imagines there's no countries. ME: Can a nation be different from a country. BOT: Because I was saying, that you might be the only real think in this universe. Since everything else, included me might been invented by your imagination. ME: You already stumped yourself. BOT: But I did. An Strange talk... PS: It seems the bot knows a poem by "Edgar Allan Poe" named "The Raven", because if you type two verses only, it'll go on.
  8. I think, the theist approach to "God" is ignored in this discussion.
  9. The concept of God is as old as Humanity itself. The concept of God is as old as Humanity itself.
  10. Certainly impossible. The concept of "GOD" is absent in Buddhism. However, he is the "father" - as christians say - in Christianity.
  11. He did but it doesn't mean he interferes in our daily deeds.
  12. You mean the remaining "Ukraine" hates Russia? Crimea and Donetsk are so glad to enter the confederation.
  13. People make wars and people die in wars. How is this related to God?
  14. Though Jesus was a real person [i'm not to debate this now] The oldest Gospel isn't Mark's, it is the oldest surviving one, which won't make it the oldest. It was written years after Jesus.
  15. The gulf certainly has flooded at least once in ~ 6,000 years ago. Studies in northern baghdad have resulted in finding some sedimentary layers of more than 7 metres in thickness. Several theories followed, one of the most reliable ones claim: "It's the Euphrates overflowing it's banks." In Sumerobabylonian mythology, a guy named "Shemesh- n' pishtim" was saved during a flood with his family. [sumerian Noah] [referred to in Gil go mesh epic.] Also, it's believe that Ark or Noah's Ship was settled on Ararat mountains [in Turkey] that Quran calls "Judii", and some ruins of it remain t
  16. Good Charlotte Bronte, How well those girls could write, I wish 21st century's girls could write like 'em too.
  17. As hyper says, allotropes are probably what you mean. You could look 'em up in Wikipedia.(Sulfur has some funny Allotropes!) mass of H3? I don't think that's quite a stable molecule. It's collapse as fast as being generated. Wiki says the range is ~0.7-2.5 fm. However 1 fm is the most powerful. It's force depends on the nuclei involved, their distance and their number. This image will do it: Force (in units of 10,000 N) between two nucleons that experience the nuclear force, as a function of distance. In the graph that falls below the horizontal axis, the spins of the particles (which mu
  18. You have to search on Mendelev or Lutharmier(?)
  19. Then certainly you're not a muslim. A Muslim, follows both Quran & Ahl-Ul-Bayt as been said by prophet: انی تارک فیکم الثقلین کتاب الله و عترتی اهل بیتی ما ان تمسکتم بهما لن تضلوا ابدا و انهما لن یفترقا حتی یردا علی الحوض
  20. The "Unbeknownst" really amused me, Come on, you're not John Milton!
  21. I'm off for a fortnight. Bye.

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