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  1. In science, a phenomenon is ubiguitous. All weather & storms in the world are related in some ways. This is a science forum, so we are not having a geopolitical discussion here.
  2. Florence the Hurricane

    The topic started with discussing an apparent anomally with the air flow. Now it has shifted to aspects of reporting. The reporters' behaviour seemed contrary to the physics. There are aspects of physics & engineering which may come up in the shots for discussion:- For example, in this video of Typhoon Manghkut, a table is flying at the top floors of a high rise block:- @0:27 https://www.facebook.com/nury.vittachi/videos/10156734007941214/?t=0
  3. Florence the Hurricane

    DirtyChai's video showed up the acting done by the reporter as the boys strode along in shorts, somewhat wind & rain free. News is under pressure to be exciting/entertaining to captivate audiences.
  4. Typhoon Manghkut

    Here are some exacting shots of Typhoon Manghkut in Hong Kong (erm, without the killing):- https://www.facebook.com/nury.vittachi/videos/10156734007941214/?t=0 https://www.facebook.com/scmp/videos/231922087674097/?t=88 (Shenshen - city across border from Hong Kong) https://www.facebook.com/scmp/videos/268894683750552/?t=0
  5. Florence the Hurricane

    May be, as human beings, we need safe exposure to catastrophies to keep our internal states in healthy balance; since after all, we are evolved through extreme trials of survival. To me, watching catastrophies and caring for people is like the separation of sex and love, or like puppy play versus hunting. As for tendency to litigate, I think it is related to a fundamental thought mechanism to finding cause & effect, and fused with bureaucratic encouragement. So we get from patients blaming doctors for not being perfect, to blaming scientists for inaccurate predictions.
  6. Florence the Hurricane

    Admit it guys. Philippines' storm is twice the size of your Florence.
  7. Florence the Hurricane

    Come on guys. Viewers are bound to be frustrated by the lack of catastrophic effects. Will they watch again the next time? Time to switch to typhoon Manghut (real Category 5 and 2 x size of Florence):- https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1017681/super-typhoon-mangkhut-path-track-philippines-hurricane-florence-ompong-weather-update https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-45517803
  8. Florence the Hurricane

    No good. This claim of imminent disaster is getting limper minute by minute. The local reporter Michael Howard standing in the rain headlined his video 'Power beyond words' - up to 70 mph wind & tropical rain fall. He stood there almost straight, then tried leaning into the wind but it wasn't strong enough to show much of a gradient, then bent his spine to create the illusion of a gradient. Loads of live webcam & live programmes are trained onto various spots in the hurricane's path, but lacking in relative location & direction information. And not even a wave big enough for seeing! A disaster in media broadcasting really.
  9. Florence the Hurricane

    I can see that if it continues in the mean predicted path, then the surge would not be very high except for the coast on the upper side. Heavy flooding on land though. It won't be anything as spectacular as the Fukushima sunami.
  10. Florence the Hurricane

    I see, that's how the hurricane engine works I'm amazed that Thomas Jefferson said that in your quotes.
  11. Florence the Hurricane

    I guess one can consider the hurricane as a mechanical spinning top with mass momentum pushing a bow wave, and it is propelled by pressure differences. Whatever weather ahead of it would be whatever it is. One should also expect the hurricane weaken when the surround wind are blowing in opposite direction from the spin. This appears to be happening as it has now weakened to a category 2.
  12. Florence the Hurricane

    So weird, the outer ring of clouds are moving in opposite direction from the spin of hurricane Florence! https://www.facebook.com/NowThisPolitics/videos/2108675522728834/?notif_id=1536784927931282&notif_t=live_video
  13. Wind velocity measurement from space

    Here is my thinking of how it might work. Small particles & air molecules move on average at the velocity of the wind. Hence, any photons bounced off an air molecule would exhibit the Doppler effect, and so would photons reflected from a particle. (Now, I do not know the physics of light, but I get the idea that photons have no mass, and so does not affect the velocity of molecules and particles.) So, velocity can in theory be deduced from measuring the Doppler effect of photons coming back. But how far away? (Here again, I do not know the physics of light, but I get the idea that light reflection, and light re-admission are instantaneous.. So, if the time at which a laser fired, perhaps one photon at a time can be measured, and the time of the corresponding photon can be measured, then the distance can be calculated. Or perhaps, the laser fires a range of UV frequency photon short bursts, then there is no need to go all the way down to one photon at a time. But I bet the technologies which made these possible are very advanced indeed. Or perhaps not given the many properties of light & materials.
  14. Reducing diesel pollution from refrigerated lorries

    So the liquid nitrogen is used as an energy source to power the refrigerator (i.e. a heat pump), thus making the reservoir of cold more efficient.
  15. The Aeolus satellite will measure wind velocities of earth's atmosphere from space using ultra-violet laser light. But how does the physics work? This is what the article said about it:- Aeolus will fire an ultraviolet laser through the atmosphere and measure the return signal using a large telescope The light beam gets scattered back off air molecules and small particles moving in the wind at different altitudes https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-45100090