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  1. Chinese Fusion

    Is there a specific link to read michael123456? From druS's article, I can see that China's EAST demonstrated that 100 million C has been achieved for 10 seconds, hence proofing that fusion temperature is easily achievable as the interior of the Sun is only 15 million C. I read the claim on China Daily last year I think. I am amazed that ITER has no facility to harness the energy, whilst I thought that it was supposed to demonstrate a plant that can harness more energy than the amount input on a continuous basis. It is good to see that there are several teams in the world trying out different approaches & materials to achieve fusion energy generation.
  2. New defintion of kilogram

    This sounds very dodgy to me, despite it came from BBC Science News 2018-11-16:- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46143399 The Kibble Balance measures weight in order to deduce the mass of the reference standard weight. Hmmmmm
  3. Can anyone read chinese please ?

    Knowing what is the function of the device would help.
  4. What is your philosophy in life?

    Let health & your sense of self preservation prevail, and instill these priorities in your children & peers.
  5. Earth's Greatest Environmental Issues

    I would frame the list in a different way:- {Over population X Over consumption per individual X irresponsible generation & disposal of wastes}
  6. B Kavanough and MeToo

    To me, the key issue about the appointment of Karvanough isn't about his personality, but very importantly, one of judicial independence. Judges are meant to be politically neutral. Here, Karvanough is a clear Pro-Life law maker. His appointment is clearly there to push the US backwards on the law on abortion. He should have refused his appointment on the grounds that he is not politically neutral for the purpose of his appointment. He did not, and that reflects extremely badly on his suitability in the Law profession, and on his character.
  7. Florence the Hurricane

    Your former house Moontanman? I guess you will claim on your house insurance to build a tornado proof & flood proof home now? May be using 3D printing tech with a 21st century design?
  8. In science, a phenomenon is ubiguitous. All weather & storms in the world are related in some ways. This is a science forum, so we are not having a geopolitical discussion here.
  9. Florence the Hurricane

    The topic started with discussing an apparent anomally with the air flow. Now it has shifted to aspects of reporting. The reporters' behaviour seemed contrary to the physics. There are aspects of physics & engineering which may come up in the shots for discussion:- For example, in this video of Typhoon Manghkut, a table is flying at the top floors of a high rise block:- @0:27 https://www.facebook.com/nury.vittachi/videos/10156734007941214/?t=0
  10. Florence the Hurricane

    DirtyChai's video showed up the acting done by the reporter as the boys strode along in shorts, somewhat wind & rain free. News is under pressure to be exciting/entertaining to captivate audiences.
  11. Typhoon Manghkut

    Here are some exacting shots of Typhoon Manghkut in Hong Kong (erm, without the killing):- https://www.facebook.com/nury.vittachi/videos/10156734007941214/?t=0 https://www.facebook.com/scmp/videos/231922087674097/?t=88 (Shenshen - city across border from Hong Kong) https://www.facebook.com/scmp/videos/268894683750552/?t=0
  12. Florence the Hurricane

    May be, as human beings, we need safe exposure to catastrophies to keep our internal states in healthy balance; since after all, we are evolved through extreme trials of survival. To me, watching catastrophies and caring for people is like the separation of sex and love, or like puppy play versus hunting. As for tendency to litigate, I think it is related to a fundamental thought mechanism to finding cause & effect, and fused with bureaucratic encouragement. So we get from patients blaming doctors for not being perfect, to blaming scientists for inaccurate predictions.
  13. Florence the Hurricane

    Admit it guys. Philippines' storm is twice the size of your Florence.
  14. Florence the Hurricane

    Come on guys. Viewers are bound to be frustrated by the lack of catastrophic effects. Will they watch again the next time? Time to switch to typhoon Manghut (real Category 5 and 2 x size of Florence):- https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1017681/super-typhoon-mangkhut-path-track-philippines-hurricane-florence-ompong-weather-update https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-45517803
  15. Florence the Hurricane

    No good. This claim of imminent disaster is getting limper minute by minute. The local reporter Michael Howard standing in the rain headlined his video 'Power beyond words' - up to 70 mph wind & tropical rain fall. He stood there almost straight, then tried leaning into the wind but it wasn't strong enough to show much of a gradient, then bent his spine to create the illusion of a gradient. Loads of live webcam & live programmes are trained onto various spots in the hurricane's path, but lacking in relative location & direction information. And not even a wave big enough for seeing! A disaster in media broadcasting really.