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  1. If a rock falls into our Sun, does it become a gas and mix with all the other gases? If so, the centre of the Sun should be a gas too. Could it be that the the magnetic lines that we see are at least caused by rocks falling into the Sun?
  2. I expect there is an optimum strategy for M1 & M2's rotations depending on the optimization criterion and the properties of the chocolate & shell surface. A trial & error experimental approach sounds far more feasible than mathematical prediction.
  3. Analysis: Looking at it as an engineering problem, a fast spinning M1 and a relatively slower spinning M2 is sufficient to spread the chocolate in the egg mold. It is clear that the sticky melted chocolate would form a band with just M1. As M2 rotates M1's axis, a shear force would act on the spinning band of chocolate because of the stickiness causing chocolate to smear throughout the shell. However, from a curiosity viewpoint, a mathematical analysis using Quaternion and rotational matrices to calculate loci and acceleration of each point on the egg would be interesting. Too complicated for my brain at the moment.
  4. My systems analysis skill in action:- Step 1:- Fact finding to determine what the problem actually is. Repeat step 1 until the problem is crystal clear. I think this is equivalent to the problem we are talking about:- (See attached picture)
  5. I presume that it is powder or melted chocolate that is being spun, so that it is hoped to spread to the inner surface of the mould to form an Easter Egg. Firstly, it is not a perfect sphere because it is egg shaped. So, is the combination of 3 orthogonal steady spins a steady spin? If it is equivalent to a steady spin, then there is no spreading. If not, there is still a need to calculate how to spin so that the chocholate covers the whole egg shell. (Never tried such analysis myself, so I'll have to think about it.)
  6. Watch the launch of Blue Origin. It should raise a few queries for the enquiring mind.
  7. I have a Toshiba Satellite Notebook on Windows 10. Often, after an update, it appears to be stuck on the Login screen; however, luckily it has always worked for me to do a hard reset. A hard reset on my Toshiba is just depressing the On/Off switch for several seconds, then I would hear a metallic ping. That's a hard reset, and the Notebook would come alive again with a normal start.
  8. Edwina Lee

    Chinese Fusion

    Is there a specific link to read michael123456? From druS's article, I can see that China's EAST demonstrated that 100 million C has been achieved for 10 seconds, hence proofing that fusion temperature is easily achievable as the interior of the Sun is only 15 million C. I read the claim on China Daily last year I think. I am amazed that ITER has no facility to harness the energy, whilst I thought that it was supposed to demonstrate a plant that can harness more energy than the amount input on a continuous basis. It is good to see that there are several teams in the world trying out different approaches & materials to achieve fusion energy generation.
  9. This sounds very dodgy to me, despite it came from BBC Science News 2018-11-16:- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46143399 The Kibble Balance measures weight in order to deduce the mass of the reference standard weight. Hmmmmm
  10. Knowing what is the function of the device would help.
  11. Let health & your sense of self preservation prevail, and instill these priorities in your children & peers.
  12. I would frame the list in a different way:- {Over population X Over consumption per individual X irresponsible generation & disposal of wastes}
  13. To me, the key issue about the appointment of Karvanough isn't about his personality, but very importantly, one of judicial independence. Judges are meant to be politically neutral. Here, Karvanough is a clear Pro-Life law maker. His appointment is clearly there to push the US backwards on the law on abortion. He should have refused his appointment on the grounds that he is not politically neutral for the purpose of his appointment. He did not, and that reflects extremely badly on his suitability in the Law profession, and on his character.
  14. Your former house Moontanman? I guess you will claim on your house insurance to build a tornado proof & flood proof home now? May be using 3D printing tech with a 21st century design?
  15. In science, a phenomenon is ubiguitous. All weather & storms in the world are related in some ways. This is a science forum, so we are not having a geopolitical discussion here.
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