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  1. It is possible that millions of years ago, Earth's gravity was weaker. Therefore, dinosaurs were large.
  2. And if the liquid is black? This black liquid will heat the water.
  3. At the tail of the worm and lizard - a simple biological structure. The human body is more complex than. Therefore, the growth of limbs in humans - is a complex process.
  4. It is possible that there is no reincarnation. But the transition to another dimension after death is possible.
  5. Speed ​​- the first derivative of the way. Acceleration - is the first derivative of the velocity, and is the second derivative of the way. The same dependence of magnetic and electromagnetic fields. May try to find the following derivative? Maybe there is a relationship of magnetic fields, electric fields and gravitational fields?
  6. In the beginning, forgot to mention - dark energy. Her more than anything in the universe.
  7. The Bible also says: connection of clay and iron using the seed of man. People will walk with iron body parts. So that in the future people will be half cyborgs. Mankind must prevent this trend.
  8. It is necessary to increase the efficiency of solar cells. They must capture and infrared radiation.
  9. IQ tests should include different types of questions. Questions should be: with words, with pictures, with numbers, with letters, with three-dimensional images. That's excellent IQ tests: http://www.treningmozga.com/tests_iq_en.html Such tests can be trusted.
  10. Tell him - you strangle me with his bare hands.
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