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    Colour is the mind's interpretation of visualising the electrical inpulses received from the frequencies htting the receptors. The absence of light also induces colour, since this creates the colour black, but this is what the mind creates. What we see isn't true reality, what we hear isn't true reality. What we taste isn't true reality, our mind translates the outside physics into something we can interpret. I wonder whether blind people with a brain related disorder see colour?
  2. Time dilation and entropy can be described as being similar, since both are effected at these relative speeds. Thanks for your replying
  3. Since the measurment of speed requires time, it cannot be reliable on a given source since eachs source leads an independant time. If we planted five trees on five different galaxies would we determine the rate of entropy, but a measurement of speed would be unfeasable.
  4. How do I make this simpler? I'm aware that the speed of light is constant, I wasn't aware that our movement through the universe could introduce time dilation effects on a small scale. Like taking the spaceship analogy and introducing it as our galaxy, but at a slower velocity. I know that time is experienced differently on bodies or matter travelling at different velocities, like comparing the decay of a muon in a lab and one measured from a troposphere baloon. Relative speed can be taken in this example: Two cars travelling past each other at the same speed can be determined as travelling at 0 speed. But How do I determine that it is my car that is travelling and it is the other galaxy that is at rest, or it is the other galaxy that is travelling but it is me that is at rest. Without a fixed reference point it would be impossible. Remeber, I want to measure time dilation, I need to know which body is moving so that I can determine the speed or just movement But If both galaxies travelled past each other at the same velocity, the rate of entropy could be determined as equal, but if my galaxy was travelling and the other galaxy remained stationary, it is my time that is dilated and the other galaxy that is normal. Normal meaning, 0 dilation. It's like taking the twin paradox and trying to determine whether it is the earth that travelled at the relativistic speed of 90% of c, or it was the twin in the spaceship that travelled at 90% the speed of c. Only when we meet up will we determine which body travelled at that speed and experienced time dilation. Moving relative from another galaxy we introduce relative observations of the perception of time, two galaxies travelling at different velocities therefore have different time's, but our perception of our own experience of time is different from another galaxy, as we know. But the rate of entropy, like the twin paradox must be different at these velocities. Unless as stated, our speed through the universe can be determined and measured as 0, so our time isn't dilated. I can't understand what is being misunderstood? One moving body travelling at relativistic speeds compared to another galaxy stationary will experience time differently, and the rate of entropy would also be different. Travelling at 99 % the speed of light induces a low rate of entropy, just as travelling at 0% of light (stationary) induces a high rate of entropy. 'Where our galaxy meets within this rate of entropy is the reason for this post', but I'm aware that other galaxies experience time differently, but I want to know at what rate is our time experienced and the rate of our entropy experienced in our galaxy, not that of others. Galaxies, coordinates, whatever, just another part of the universe. Since light speed is the fastest communicator within the universe with speed limits imposed on all matter, anything stationary would have entropy experienced at the fastest rate. The speed of light would be witnessed at travelling at it's peak. Matter travelling above 0 would be racing towards the speed limit, any given amount. And the time for that matter would be experienced more slowly. Matter/entropy, they mean the same to me. So, light speed would be witnessed at travelling at it's peak, but experienced at a much slower rate.
  5. How do we determine the amount of time dilated on our moving galaxy? To measure time dilation we need to measure our speed against the speed of light. Since speed requires a fixed reference point, and everything in the universe is moving releative from one another how do we determine our speed and measure the amount of time dilated? As you know absolute time does not exist, it is all relative and not universal, time in one part of a universe is different from another. The faster our speed through the galaxy against the constancy of light speed the slower our time, but time is perceived as normal. The rate of entropy determines the rate of time dilated. If zero speed could be determined what effect would zero time dilation have on entropy or on a galaxy? Speed is constant and is measured at the same speed regardless of any interference with its velocity, so if we are travelling at 1% or 10% the speed of light, the velocity always remains the same. But the amount of dilation on a body competing with it’s velocity is always effected. So if our constant speed through the universe is determined as travelling at 1 cm per second the rate of entropy would be set at it's maximum, which would mean ageing more quickly or at a maximum rate possible .I'm answering my own question, I know. Is our velocity through the universe constant? Or if expansion become noticeable on our galaxy would time become dilated? Or can this only occur if we are travelling through spacetime rather than travelling with space time?
  6. The question I ask is: What triggered the big bang? Please note I am an atheist and do not rely on religion to provide answers to our existence. If the big bang created atoms (by chance) , electrons, photons, quarks, forces, during its lifetime and everything we can or cannot observe in the universe,then would it be true to say that we shall never know what started the big bang? Look at it another way... To speculate on what triggered the big bang we have to ignore any matter we know about in our universe, because how can we use the physics in our universe to answer the trigger point (spark) in the big bang when it was the big bang that provided our physics? http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061114035624AAtbICQ&r=w#Q5AsWTO0UjjiSUIprp.xVz870XMpzJtWBGzGvzPNzjAr9jOCSPAC
  7. jyoticlub . Many aircraft have three types of NAV lights, non flashing Red light on the left wing tip, non flashing Green light on the right wings tip and a non flashing white light on the tail of the aircraft, and also dependent on may factors a flashing white light either on the belly of the aircraft or on the upper fuselage. The three lighted colours that you mentioned seem very similar to the NAV lights that are used on all aircraft internationally, I'm not dismissing that what you had observed wasn't a UFO, I'm just opening up a possibility that what you may have observed was a distorted observation of a military jet. When observing Nav lights on aircaft it is often easy to tell what angle and direction (if constant) the aircaft is flying relative to your positition. If you observed all three colours, red, green. and white, then it is posible you observed the aircraft banking or turning, or perhaps you may have observed the aircaft directly above you. I have observed a UFO myself, so I am not doubtfull that what you observed had to be a aircraft.
  8. gisburnuk


    I agree that time can be distinguished between cause and affect or entropy but wouldn't entropy decrease when travelling near to c? Lets just imagine that person T wants to measure the affect of entropy in his spaceshipe when travelling near to the speed of light, ie 99.9999999 . When his spaceship travels at 99% the speed of light, mr T begins to prepare his two mixtures of gas, one green and one red, mr T states that both the gases would mix together when on earth. He starts his experiment and puts both boxes containing the gases beside one another and then seperates them, what would happen? Would it happen at a normal rate? Would the gases mix when travelling at c? The constancy of light and mass/energy relationship would forbid mr T from moving let alone accelerate to near the speed of c, so I have based this thought experiment as a theoretical one. The question that needs to be brought to mind is that if time dilates and entropy halts in a spaceship at that speed and yet time and entropy exists naturally on earth at that exact moment then wouldnt' time exist without entropy? I will welcome any harsh comments on this but please, I have left my thought experiment as a personal theoretical one.
  9. Er, anhydrous? Does it have to be anhydrous isopropyl alcohol? Caver mentioned it but I don't see why isopropyl alcohol cannot be used.
  10. Here goes. Ask a freind to say the word 'SILK' twenty times. After you freind has completed saying 'SILK' twenty times ask your freind this simple question: What do cows drink? And sure enough they will say 'milk'! They will soon realise that this isn't true and that cows actually drink water! Another English joke. A english man a scottishman and a irishman have been captured by german Nazis and they are lined up for execution. As the soldiers line up and point the rifles towards them, the englishman shouts and points 'hurricane' and the soldiers behind (sees nothing) and the englishman jumps over the wall and escapes. The soldiers prepare to shoot and the scottishman shouts and points 'avalanche' and the soldiers look behind and the scottishman jumps over the wall and escapes. The soldiers line up and prepare to shoot when the irishman shouts 'fire'.
  11. You meet one geek and 'bang' you meet another one. Would isopropyl alcohol from a spray can be okay to use? I've just sourced out two companies that supply both the dry ice (Global ice UK) and isopropyl alchohol (MAPLIN UK), The cost to make a home made cloud chamber for the average UK geek would set him or her back at around about £46 ($82). Caver451, I can see in your photographs a rock on the base of the cup, what type of rock did you use?
  12. The word you should enter on yahoo is 'Colour force', or if in which case you are american then enter 'color force'. You could also perhaps enter the word 'quark confinement' in your search and see what may find.
  13. http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/hframe.html
  14. Okay I follow you, so a delta particle is basically a excited proton which due to its angular spin/momentum acquires the extra mass. The problem I'm having is that the data for these two elementary particles show their 'rest' mass rather than their predicted mass during momentum or movement?
  15. Can anybody tell me what gives a elementary particle its rest mass? I was under the impression that it is overall the mass of the quarks that gives a elementary particle its rest mass. For example: Lets take for instance two baryon elementary particles, a proton p and a Delta particle Δ+ (type one plus charge). Both have a quark arrangement of uud and have baryon number +1, but Delta has a spin of 3/2 while a proton has a spin of 1/2 and delta has a rest mass of 1232 MeV/c2 and a proton has a rest mass of 938.3 . So would I be right in saying that elementary particke aquire their mass through spin rather than through their basic quark arrangement?
  16. Thankyou all for the information and advice.
  17. Is their a vast amount of wood out there in the UK that still contain lead paint? How would I distinguish whether the wood that my father brings home contains lead paint, I mean it is a hell of a gamble.
  18. Lead is dangerous to young children and adults and can lead to mental and physical problems throughout a persons life, Lead is most dangerous when it is in a dust form because it is easily inhaled into the lungs and because it is a dust it can remain on any flat surfaces undetected for a long period of time. My Concern I'm not sure whether my fathers house has lead coated paint on the windows or anywhere else within the house but nevertheless I'm not concerned. What I am concerned is that the wood that my father brings home to burn on the open fire may contain lead paint and as a result I have become very concerned, I clear out the ash from the bottom of the fire and empty it into a bin bag on a regular basis and I would like to know whether I am putting my health and my fathers health within the house at risk. My question. When lead paint is burned in a fire is the ash that is left over dangerous or as dangerous as unburnt lead? Should I be concerned if I am exposed to the ash that is left over from the fire? Due to the amount of wood that my father burns on the fire I am not sure whether the wood that is burnt contains lead paint or ordinary safer paint, but I would like to know what is the likely chance that the wood that he brings home contains lead paint, I live in the UK. I would very much appreciate any advice beacuse I am concerned that the house could be contaminated with hidden lead dust that could be putting our health at risk.
  19. Just to make it clear, I mentioned: "The elevator will deflect or move upwards causing the out of balance from the CG of the aircraft " in my response. To clear this confusion, the airoplanes CG (centre of gravity) remains the same in relation to the aircraft during the climb. The lift changes but the CG does remains near its centre. If the CG was to change then the aircraft would be out of balance and thus erratic and dangerous to fly. In relation to a balance ie a seesaw then it would be clear to assume one end is up and the other end is down in relation to its centre spot CG.
  20. What hasn't been mentioned is what makes a aeroplane bank. Well, luckily science isnt the only area that I have good knowledge about. On both wings their are two control surfaces called ailerons. For the aeroplane to roll and yaw left the left aileron (which is basically a large slat) moves upwards creating drag while the ailerone on the right moves in the opposite direction (downwards) creating more lift. The effect: the drag causes one wing to slow and drop and the left wing to lift without slowing causing roll then yaw in the intended direction. You should also be understand now why aircraft lose airspeed during tight turns. A critical control surface sitiuated horizontally on the tail allows an aircraft to change its pitch attitude and is comprehensively named: elevator. During the takeoff roll the aircraft will gather enough airspeed so that the elevator (including ailerons, rudder etc) will become affective. The elevator will deflect or move upwards causing the out of balance from the CG of the aircraft which allows the wings to become airborne in the pitch attitide intended. In other words the nose will rise and the wings will travel in the pitch angle and climb (depending on its angle of attack). For a aeroplane to pitch downwards, the elevator will deflect in the opposite direction (downwards) causing the wings to change its angle and thus attitide, ie the aircraft will descend. I would be happy enough to carry on and talk about elevator trim, rudder and rudder trim, flaps, spoilers or speedbrakes and basically everything aeroplane. But because this is a science forum, it should therefore intended to be just a science forum. First Officer: Gisburnuk Kiddin.....
  21. How dangerous is natural gas or methane gas when consumed? In the past I have cooked foods which consumed have often possesed the unmistakable smell or taste of natural gas. I find it difficult to understand how the natural gas can form over food since it doesn't become soluble easily, but nevertheless I have avoided using my gas hob due to this event. What are the dangers linked with natural gas in circumstances of accidental oral consumption? Can unburned methane gas as a gas vapour condense onto food? Any reply over this issue will be appreciated.
  22. I read a article in June 2005 issue of 'scientific american' a month ago about the possibilities of other universes that possess different constants of nature, ie the fine structure constant quantity 1/137 may be different in another universe. Physicists are currently looking for any evidence in the change of the fine structure since the early cosmic evolution.They intend to do this by observing the spectra lines from the light of a distant qauser and comparing it to laboratry data of other specta lines.
  23. I live in the UK, I had contacted my local environmental officer over this matter.
  24. PVC is a vary versatile material that has similar properties to rubber, but unfortunatley PVC plastic is also hazardous to people from which it is known to produce dioxins and pthlates. This is a touchy subject because PVC has a vary unique property that enables it to be used in many different ways, and yet it is also known to be hazardous from exposure either at work or through inproper use. I'm a little worried because I beleive I may have been exposed to Vinyl chloride through inproper disposal. Last week a neirghbour was burning a heap of rubbish in his garden and when I approached him I realised he was also burning bits of PVC window frames. I became disturbed and lashed out at him implying that he was in danger of intoxicating other people through his foolish behaviour. I grew more worried by the fact that I had been exposed heavily to the toxins that could well give me brain cancer. I am very young with big plans for my future and this recent event has made me increasingly worried. Should I be concerned from this recent event? What actions are being taken to safen the use and disposal of PVC?
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