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  1. learn how to walk before you run
  2. MIT receives thousands and thousands of appilication every year, but do you know what's the percentage that get accpted? 14% in 2005, and 98% of people who apply there have a GPA of 4.0 and Sat score at least 1590 in each verbal and math section of the old version of SAT. Do you think you can make it??????????? be realistic
  3. poor people can't afford a car, but they need it to go to work. on the other hand rich people can afford nice cars, they use it for entertainment. Why? Why? Why is the world so unfair?
  4. Then what caused the inequality distribution of wealth?
  5. recently i realized things are not fair sometimes, like things in life. for instance, a rich person have lots of money so they can purchase a car, but they might not needed. On the other hand a person doesn't have much money, but they may need a card badly, and they can't afford it. Can anyone tell me why this phenomona so common?
  6. The reason why they appear in 6 different forms is each quark contains different energy or power. For instance C quark has 1.5Gev, but S quark has 90eV.
  7. When the temp. rose around 80s' my body slows down a lot, and I'm not well concentrated either. ( this case only appears to me inside of the house). When I went to backyard and play basketball I felt this intense energy coming out of me, all of a sudden i felt like to Tracy Mcgrady. Can someone explain to me why i felt so different at the same temp. but doing different activities.
  8. my problems is i got stuck while i was trying to find the domains of a function, 1) f(x)=(x^3)-(3x^2)+(2x)+5 2) g(x)=(x^2)+5/(x+2) can anyone determine the domain of the two functions? Thanks a lot!
  9. We don't know what caused the planet go in orbit. Gravity is caused by the curvature of space time.
  10. what i think it should improve is the speed. It runs very slow on my PC.
  11. It is really a waste of time to read all the comments posted by the people on this forum who do not have any intelligence.
  12. When I mix vinegar with baking soda, it produce gas. But it also produce salt, I'm confused on how does gas related to salt.
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