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  1. Hey there. I used to be a total lover of this place and such, but things have happened and such, and ive kind of drifted elsewhere in interest. But im trying to kind of wipe off my history on different sites, how do you delete your profile here? I cant quite find a delete button or anything. XD Sorry, im not abondoning you guys or anything, I just dont have time or anything anymore, and I dont want my name to be under science forums from back when I was younger to be my first thing that pops up on google. Not that thats a bad thing or anything, I just want to be known differently and such, no offense to anyone, please. =]
  2. Hey, first post in quite a while. Well, I was wondering, do girls, or females of any species, share the same drive for sex as males? I've seen quite a bit of talk about it, but is there any legit scientific studys on this? Thanks guys. Just out of curiosity.
  3. But you must sign up with the company for it? Im a sixteen year old programming hobbyist, and would like to simply program little programs for fun and experience straight off the Ipod, not computers other than the Ipod itself. With Internet and virtual keypad, it seems like it should be possible. Not possible?
  4. With these Ipod touches being like pretty much small computers, would it be possible to do programming on one?
  5. well, genes arent the only thing that determines good looks, its all subjective to the observer. I mean, tiny aspects of peoples hair, or clothes, can change looks alltogether.
  6. Plasmids are also an addition to uniquety in genetic systems.
  7. There can be potential infinity in finite things, {infinite number of points on a line, infinite number of fractions in a number}, mathmatically. Physically, that seems tough to grasp, thought that may just be the limits of the brain to conceive infinity in finite physicality so we resort to mathmatics for understanding.
  8. Hello, so I have this computer of mine wich is made from scratch really, like a digital Frankenstein. It runs on WindowsXP, and is usually great, but the other day it took a bit longer to load then usual, and all the sudden, before loaded the screen went blank and a message saying that the <Windows root>/systems32/ntoskrnl.exe. file is corrupted or missing, and to please reinstall it with recovery disk. Well, I dont have any disk for it, and I am kind of at a loss for plan of action towards getting that file. I have looked on line a bit, but couldnt really find anything. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  9. I think that many feel the same way;the want to learn and specialize in more than just one feild. I cant devote myself to only one, and I dont like to label my interests specifically, because I similiarly, like it all.
  10. Do you mean something like "warp-drive"? {The idea was actually from a mexican physicist, not star-trek}
  11. I consider 'love' to be just another form of lust. It can dwindle out when not suffiently fuled, and it can flourish when being supported, {By experiences or actions that the other likes, and by making the other happy in any way},. "'Love', is something that leaves you weak, dependant, and fat." "What about love? "Love is overated, biochemically identical to eating large quantities of chocolate." I don't say this because I think this sounds clever or was previously dumped by my special someone, just speaking from data collected, and believe that 'love' is just memorys of a person that fancies another more than the other candidates, or just has to settle with that someone because they believe that that is the best they will get. Just my opinion... All conversasions must include a pessimstic grouch, and I geuss I fit the bill here.
  12. There is a theory on conscioussness, and there is a breif explanation wich, if true, may enlighten alot of people to how the brain works;http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=a-theory-of-consciousness
  13. I got some -rep. I will just say this now, this is not to try to offend any chemists at all, and I am truly sorry if it does. I was just curious, and now I have an answer. Thanks for the replys you three.
  14. Im glad, maybe it will more make people think before they post.
  15. I do not want to offend any one with this question, but what do chemists actually do? Hasnt the periodic table been mapped out etc... Is it really a science anymore or is it just an engineering disipline now? Dont get me wrong, chemistry rocks, but is there really discoveries to find still? Thank you.
  16. Thank you for the detailed reply, though I must say, I do not fully understand how we can actually remember things like images, etc... Is it in binary form similiar to a computer?
  17. I was thinking about it, and I cant really remember ever learning this, and I can not seem to find anything on the internet, it is bugging me. How do we remember something physically? Surely nuerons cant connect for something like short term memory? and, How does long term memory work? Thanks.
  18. Alright, another. This is less of a computer question and more of a programming one, but I consider one a branch of the other. I {not for school} want to make a code in python that will display a number that is, say an even number only, or a prime number only. I want it to be displayed near full screen, or as big as possible, but I am not quite sure how to do so. Would I do a loop of some sort? How would a make it full screen? Thank you.
  19. Electricians tape? Extra solder and then maybe get a plastic coating on there, I know that you can buy waterproof liquid rubber/plastic and it dries on spot and {not to mention waterproof} adds to strength. Though it is black, so you might want to paint the rest of the necklace black along with it, and I think that it might be a little tough to keep it right at the bottom sides of the led and not on any other parts, though I think it could be done.
  20. And you can keep that visual basic indefinately? Then whats the point in buying one?
  21. Don't the express editions have a 30 month limit unless you get a 'free' key? I looked into it, and downloaded it and everything, and then it told me I need a key to keep it for more than 30 days, so I tried to get my free key, but I then had to sign up to some website and they werent taking my email because it was a hotmail or something, so I just gave it up and uninstalled it, and went back to python.
  22. Never mind. I misread it. I also installed visual basic and that did have a time limit and I think that I may have been reading the wrong one or someting. Either way, I am now on my way. I downloaded an Ebook for learnign python, and I am reading the tutorial that came with it, so hopefully I will have it down soon enough. Thanks for the recomendation to python bascule. It seems that many others think highly of it too. I searched some more before I downloaded it and there is quite a bit of good talk about it.
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