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  1. I was wondering if I could have my name changed to "Giacomo525". Thanks.
  2. The last I remember hearing, Andromeda will collide with the Milky Way in about 300 billion years. Has anything else been said with this? Is the "supermassive blackhole" theory still viable?
  3. It would be my dream come true. Imagine all those nights not wasted where I could be actually learning something. Then again, I do love my sleep. Second best to sex...
  4. Has anyone seen this series? Thoughts? Criticisms?
  5. Do you think you could fix the link? Try using BB tags.
  6. I tried Fedora when it was first released - wasn't a fan at all, but I hear the new Fedora is much better. Most recently I tried DSL running on Windows, but I only use it for development purposes.
  7. Thank you Atheist for that quote. The matter is of grave importance to me, though to explain why is not appropriate here. As for wormholes, if there is no evidence for them, why were they posited in the first place? Is there mathematical logic behind it? Did it factor into equations? I remember reading an article almost a decade ago about certain scientists working on wormholes. It was a popular article, so it didn't go into any detail, but perhaps someone here might remember it. It was about proving Einstein wrong, about how wormholes would be "faster than light" (though still Einstein would be right, but you know how sensationalist articles can get). And where can I get some information on the differences between dark energy and dark matter? Are they equivalent to normal energy and matter, i.e. can dark matter turn into dark energy and vice versa? Many thanks. I have wondered this also, if I understand the question. Why the background radiation is uneven, right?
  8. I don't think that adequately answers the questions... Does no one know the answers to these things?
  9. I would consider "hacking" a science. Hacking seeks information about how systems and programs work. Hacking is a vital part of programming. However, this is not condoning "cracking" or illegal hacking.
  10. I second the second option as well. It's far more plausible that the second option will lead to new technological breakthroughs which would infinitely help with the first option. That and I'm very curious what dark matter is...
  11. A couple of questions to lively up this board. Is there any evidence for wormholes? and What's the latest news on if there is enough dark matter to cause the Big Crunch, or will we end up in the Big Chill?
  12. OK, this is sort of out of place, but it might get the best response here. I am continually adding to my website, and among the things I add is a section for Biological Science. What is the best way to divide up this section? I want it modeled sort of like this: http://www.neonostalgia.com/soc.html Note, not all the links work. Enter into Theology, not Literature, for I haven't even touched literature yet. I hope to get that up sometime this week. But as you see, it goes from Sociological Sciences (Biological Sciences) to Theology (?) to Christianity (?) to Early Christianity (?) which contains individual resources. Also, I could do, if need be, for the sake of keeping that which needs to be together still separate, links across the top, like in the Human Genetics section and link to Plant Genetics or something like that. Thoughts? Comments?
  13. No, I was saying that Americans spell civilise as civilize, aeon as eon, and amoeba as ameba. At least, that's what I've seen in America. As for Sayonara - I don't know what the bloody hell you're talking about, but if we want to get into special pleading, you've just discounted everything you've said previously. I'm really starting to doubt your intelligence.
  14. Giacomo525

    Homosexual Gene?

    I think you have that gene. (how's that for ad hominem attacks?) The dilemma was about whether or not the circumstance led to a homosexual gene or just a choosing to be something. BTW - Sayonara - what are you credentials in genetic biology?
  15. Maybe it would help you to do the same. That's sensible, is it not?
  16. Firstly, it isn't "English" that Americans use dominantly. After all, we would be speaking German but for a vote or two. England has this disgrace of incorporating French as their predominant overstructure, when America, the heart of classicism (or at least it was), favored a return to Latin. Sayonara-cubed calls it degenatory, but linguistics disagrees. He rather keeps a barbaric language compared to the civilised Latin? Ha! Return, lost soul, to the heart of your culture. Now, if you want to make a case with civilize v. civilise, or aeon v. eon, or amoeba v. ameba, I'll any day go with the British spelling. But you're at a loss with color.
  17. Giacomo525

    Homosexual Gene?

    ed84c is right, there was a huge dilemma over this, Time did a story of it not too long ago.
  18. sorry 5614, I wasn't responding to you...
  19. How very interesting. All the snobbish Brits totally ignored my post about historicity. Well, that would be them. Next thing you know they'll be telling you that you're supposed to drive on the left side of the road!
  20. "Constitution shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion" - very simply put, they can't respect it. NO SPECIAL LAWS! NO SPECIAL LAWS! The second half is also easy to understand - "nor to impede the free exercise thereof" - don't stop a person from practising his/her religion.
  21. because in a vacuum there's nothing to slow it down
  22. of course the British took the word COLOR and changed it. Well, indirectly, you see it started out as COLOS from Archaic Latin, but since an 'S' became an 'R' between two vowels (COLOR, COLORIS), it was changed to COLOR. Then, evolving from Latin French changed it to COLEUR. When the Normans took over Britain and English evolved, it was changed to COLOUR to reflect the French spelling yet British pronunciation. When America revolted against the British, along with many other things the Americans reverted back to the Roman spelling: COLOR. This was brought to you by the letter 'Q' - still a letter after all these years.
  23. Yes, probably moreso than "articles" which I used originally. I should have been more distinct on my uses. But yes, if you have a research paper also, make sure, though, that if you submit, I would need a name and a date of composition, as well as any information about possible uses (is it copyrighted, etc...). Also, it does not need to be a formal research paper, as the professors make you write, nor does it even have to be a research paper, as articles about findings or interesting reports may also be included. Basically, anything that helps in the furthering of the scholarship on the subject.
  24. not bad, cheaper than collecting politicians...
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