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  1. Have you looked into Wireshark ? it's a network packet analysis program that lets you see all the bits moving in or out of your computer, or make a log of activity on a specific port.
  2. Is it only the MAGA branded herd who believe that if god's glorious plan doesn't suit you, it's okay to ask him to change it, or is that just a christian thing in general? How can anyone know if big 'g' wanted santa trump (thanks Arete) to be infected?
  3. If life worked like that, we wouldn't need a president.
  4. vectors have two qualities, magnitude and direction. Velocity is a vector and acceleration is a change in velocity. I should have noticed this is the relativity section, not the physics section. Is the moon still considered to be in freefall even though the distance between Earth and moon is increasing due to tidal forces?
  5. I would say it's meaning in science is more precise than in everyday conversation, but you are not wrong. Do you know what a vector is?
  6. I think the tidal lock with earth means the moon is not in freefall I don't think so, but a Physicist might disagree. Circular motion is an acceleration even with no change in speed
  7. You are correct, I should have said: not only an increase in speed. But velocity is a vector quantity, so a change in direction is also an acceleration
  8. Acceleration is not an increase in speed. It's a change in velocity. Our Moon is gaining energy due to the tidal lock with the Earth, and Luna is also changing velocity due to it's orbital motion.
  9. I think you are saying the universe really is the way it appears to your human senses. The "really is" part is philosophy, but since this is Physics section, you need to show some evidence that human senses alone are capable of observing the Universe as it "really is". All the evidence so far says our perception alone is inadequate.
  10. So many tools exist for evaluating an argument, believing in fantastic conspiracy is a choice. I guess if you substitute "jewish bankers" for "lizard alien" Q sounds familiar enough, but what is the real appeal? Does it satisfy the little Conan (the barbarian) in us all who wants to see our enemies driven before us and hear the lamenting of their women? Would teaching Rhetoric in school help cut down on newstainment/newspinion?
  11. What is there to discuss? Somebody has to save the world from the pedophile cannibal adrenochrome addicts and their lizard-alien overlords. Open your eyes man, stop believing the fake news.
  12. moth

    Political Humor

    When I saw that picture, I thought what a great metaphor: curse science - I'll do what I want. Then the campaign released the noble prize thing. What ever happened to egalitarianism?
  13. I think the wiki page about Pareto distribution confirms you. In the exponential distribution section .
  14. I don't want to get too far off topic, but do you mean the count of 1-digit, 2-digit, ... n-digit numbers?
  15. I wouldn't try to speak for Markus, but i assumed he meant random as in not connected to a particular topic. Not random as in their distribution, which would look spikey like noise i think.
  16. I couldn't say the numbers on the list ARE random, just that they APPEAR to be random. If you believe it's actually a puzzle, it may be one. As far as why Newcomb/Benford's law works, I don't have a clue. I just heard of it the other day and when i tried it out on some wikipedia pages it seemed to hold.
  17. Maybe your source is saying black holes kill time? There is another thread here about Newcomb's law which would suggest these numbers are "made up". Here is my count. Sure looks like a Bell curve. first digit, count 1, 1 2, 1 3, 1 4, 3 5, 3 6, 5 7, 3 8, 2 9, 2 0, 1
  18. The energy levels released in the merger are enough to accelerate the center of mass of the black hole up to 2000 km/sec. Apparently it's because gravitational waves transfer momentum like a photon. Do they attenuate when passing through a field of massive bodies? The power levels involved make me feel a bit like Maxwell's Daemon. If only I knew how to open the door to the hot side of the cylinder I'd be set for life.
  19. Does that mean the mass of 9 sun sized stars was radiated away in the merger? I guess so according to Wikipeia
  20. Sorry if i misunderstood you. I feel like conflict and war are competition. You agree Phi is probably Vorlon though, right?
  21. I think competition with no rules of engagement will only find the most ruthless. Cooperation is required to establish and enforce those rules. Anything Trump inc. says is designed to prevent cooperation. Divide and conquer. I always suspected Phi was Vorlon and Migl was so called Shadow.
  22. A mnemonic for Trig: "Oscar Had A Heap Of Apples", sin is Opposite/Hypotenuse cos is Adjacent/Hypotenuse and tan is Opposite/Adjacent.
  23. Bless Violet's big heart! Questions to ask, and answers to question ?
  24. The Julia set for zero is pretty boring, just a disk. If the area around the disk is colored by the quadrant the iterated constant is in when it diverges,(sorry if my terminology is wrong. please correct me) the pattern of a binary tree forms. If you could zoom in on the edge of the disk 'forever' would the points on the circumference be sorted into two sets?
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