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  1. Let me introduce myself, I'm Brian Hornung, President of Vintage Host [the company that hosts these forums]. I am looking for a talented PHP/MySQL/etc. (more languages definitely a plus) developer with an entrepreneurial spirit and a great attitude (and personality) -- preferably someone currently in college or high school -- for an initial medium sized project (paid, somewhat of a freelance job), but several profitable projects thereafter. I am looking for a long term, profitable relationship with this developer. The initial project includes, but is not limited to the following (Due to the requirement for confidentiality in all of my projects, I am not able to release specific details until you have signed a confidentiality agreement): - Use of a MySQL database to store all information - A login system with administrative controls - A search system, much like the one provided - Several necessary things within the customer login - cannot disclose exact details - Several Necessary things within Admin interface - cannot disclose exact details - A sign-up form with e-mail verification system - Several other details that cannot be disclosed at this time I am offering to pay you 100$ weekly until the initial project is finished, for a minimum of 3 week's time, or 300$ -- you will recieve a minimum of 300$ no matter how long the project takes to be completed, but you are not limited to earning $300 (we do not expect this to take longer than 3 weeks). Because I am looking for a long term relationship with a developer, I have several "side-projects" -- in addition to a very large project for my web hosting company -- that I would like to work with you on (based on your performance for our initial project). Our development budget is very low, so, this is why I am looking for a developer willing to invest time and skill for a potential large payout in the future (after this initial project is completed). My partners and myself are very fast-paced, very fair, and very fun to work with. If our contractual relationship works out, and if I like you, there is a possibility that I may offer you a percentage stake in my own company (Vintage Host) -- if you are willing and able to work with me to build a revolutionary web host (My ideas are huge, I promise you this...they just need to be developed). This is not guaranteed, but definitely a possibility. You will be required to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or a confidentiality agreement before you are given any further details than above about any of my projects. If you have a problem with this, then please, do not apply. And, again, to sum up what I am looking for: - A dedicated entrepreneurial-spirited developer (PHP/MySQL/Others are a plus) - Someone willing to work with a flexible pay schedule - Someone in the United States - Your first language must absolutely be English - The closer you live to Chicago, the better I will be hiring/choosing based on attitude, skill, and personality. Thank you for your time. CONTACT INFORMATION: AIM: extremevintage E-mail: brianhornung (att) vintagehost.net Sincerely, Brian Hornung President Vintage Host
  2. calbiterol, if you can PM me your last 3 months stats, I will see what I can do for you in regards to "free" hosting. It won't be anything close to my packages, but it'll get you by.
  3. Perhaps you should be a little less offended. I believe you're confusing the term "cheap" with "i'm willing to pay at most 5$ per month." What you showed him was exactly as you explained: cheap. Will you make statements like..."According to my hypothesis, man evolved from whales..." and not back them up? No because you would be ridiculed and laughed at. An explanation why, in combonation with a comment, is what I had given -- so that reader(s) may better understand WHY they should not buy a "cheap" web hosting plan (which is COMPLETELY different than a "5$/mo" web hosting plan). Of course they can, and, being 21 myself I am not bashing the abilities of teenagers. What I am bashing is a teen's inability to act as a professional, a teen's immaturity, and a teen's non-commitment to their product/service. Are there teens out there that DO care? Of course, but you're talking about a very small minority. In a service industry, it is the quality of service that counts, and if it cannot be given, then that company is producing a bad service. I know this because I realized when I turned 17 how "childish" my past teen years had been. After my change, I soon noticed how 98% of my peers were still acting immature and care-free. Again, research proven true. Yes there are capable, mature, and responsible teens out there, but they are the minority -- and if you know one, congratulate him/her because they are exceptional people. The reason I founded my company was my previous episodes (begining more than 5 years back) with "cheap" web hosts. I have done my "research," and proved my theory to be true. Thank you though for your kind words.
  4. If you're lucky -- it's more plausible for it to be shared between over 500. Being in this business for a few years, I've seen more companies fail due to bad planning than I could have imagined I would have. It basically comes down to this: You cannot sell a service for so cheap, expect to make a profit, and run your business for any decent length of time. It just simply cannot happen. Not to mention the lack of any sort of extra features or support you'll get from this host. Not possible.
  5. When it comes to web hosting (as with just about everything else), you pay for what you get. Is it possible to make money off of customers while charging 0.07$ per month? Absolutely not, and you'll find yourself moving quite quickly to the next host as your "budget" host shuts down. Or, another situation (and problem with) budget hosts: on a cheap Celeron server (we all know how well celeron's perform for just about anything, let alone an intensive web-server environment), the hosts packs a ridiculous ammount of accounts, slowing your web page delivery to a crawl. *Edit* By the way, anything with "boy" in the title that is supposed to be a professional service...buyer beware...it's most likely run by a 13-17 year old "boy." *Edit* Hope this helps.
  6. I need a php script with an admin backend and a user-login front end. Coder needs experience with SSH2 protocall in PHP and tripleDES encoding of information via MySQL. Need to be able to initially install the script (i.e. install.php), and select all variables needed (database_name, database_username, database_password, admin_name, admin_password, anything else needed for the script to work). The login should be able to determine whether the admin or user logs in, and send to the appropriate page (i.e. admin.php or user.php). Description of admin page: - Need to be able to edit the database information - Add users and random passwords - Create/bind remote server username and password with each user - All remote username/passwords must be encoded with tripleDES - Email password to person upon creation - Edit/overwrite passwords for usernames Description of user page: - Able to change password - must be able to reboot remote server (must be able to use SSH2 command in php) - small status monitor of services for remote server - possible ping status refreshed each minute Descripton of login page: - Simple username / password field to connect to the database and load all fields necessary This type of project is overly simple, and should take the coder an hour or so if he/she is qualified. (All rights transferred to me) Job pays 60$, please contact me if qualified and interested (need proof of ability to complete project).
  7. I live in Chicago. We celebrate ignorance, stupidity, a crappy mayor, huge debt, large toll way fees, huge taxes and Michael Jordan. University of Illinois has countless numbers of things to be famous for, but a football and basketball team aren't one of 'em. Oh yeah, the Bears lost horribly today and the White Sox just traded Carlos Lee...wonderful city.
  8. kenel

    Missing posts

    Hello Everyone. To put an end to speculation, the site was transferred early yesterday to a new server, with DNS unexpectingly taking longer. By the time it was viable to complete another site transfer (to rescue all older posts), there had already been enough usage/activity of these boards to make another site transfer (rescuing old posts, but deleting all new posts) a bad decision. Blike was well aware and informed via a newsletter sent out to all customers of the change, and I apologize about the inconvenience you all may have experienced with this change. For your information, the server was upgraded, not "hacked," and you may all rest assured that backups are preformed nightly and off-site to ensure redundant data integrity. While no server is completely secure, we do run a more strict level of security procedures and settings than most. Thank you for your understanding, and have a nice day.
  9. After I, personally, graduate college. I apologize about the delay in answering, but I was slammed by homework, work work, and just recently joined the CEO at school. I'm hoping to build up enough profit soon to begin saving and planning the wedding. Damn things don't come free nowadays.
  10. I've snapped alright. For all of those interested in starting their own community via phpBB of Invision forums, we will soon be offering a free forum service. We're talking next generation ezboard with more control, better features, and best of all! Low low prices! Yes, definitely snapped, my fiance was right.
  11. Hello folks at Science Forums. After a couple of weeks of testing countless combinations of settings with our server's configurations files, we have come to a sequence that is overly incomparable. With our server(s) optimized, the entire Science Forums community may now converse, debate, and agree at speeds of near Mach 3. Now to start our next series of tests -- a C++ program engineered to determine the exact combonation of cream and sugar that will result in a taste so inconceivable by man, even Fidel Catro, or the Columbian marketplace, couldn't dare compete. If our hypothesis is correct, it will result in complete rupture of one's taste buds. Brian Hornung signing out. And remember, keep it old school.
  12. We have a server, hosted at ThePlanet's Datacenter, opening soon. Server Specs are as follows: 2.4Ghz Celeron 80GB Hard Drive RHE CPanel/WHM Installed 512MB Ram Box has already been hardened, and configured. 0$ Setup Fee. 129$/month.
  13. Save the queen... Which one's the queen? I am! No you're not!
  14. kenel

    Happy Easter!

    To all of those who know how to practice science, but still hang with the Jesus, Happy Easter =)
  15. kenel


    I love my 2003 Grand Am GT (White) =)
  16. Does this mean I, too, am an overaged "pimp?" No....no, it does not....Or does it? (Should this be in psuedo-science?)
  17. What's the purpose of banning for sports use if you're going to allow "individual" training the use of them? Don't you all want to see 120 homeruns this season? A few more teeth on the ice after a hockey fight? Helmets and other safety gear rendered useless in football? Isn't this the american fantasy with sports? Why not give the public what it wants.
  18. Update: Our package values have been greatly increased! Now get more value for your money! It's groovy baby. Special SFN Deal: 40$ rebate on first month's fee dedicated servers. Special SFN Deal 2: 1/2 off first month for Virtual or Reseller accounts. AOL Instant Message Vintage Support, or sign up at our website today!
  19. Keeping up with the need for a "super hero" type in the world now-a-days is tough. Our sports heroes are as close as we get, but is mother nature keeping up with public demands? Should we ban, or simply regulate steriod use as an enchancement drug?
  20. I don't play computer games either...As far as boring, my life consists of working, running a business, school, planning a marraige, and my fiance. I'm quite busy -- although to a lot of people, my life is probably boring. Ever sit in an accounting class? =)
  21. Here's my reccomendation for an experiement....put some tin foil and cans of compressed air in the microwave...and an ant. Set it for 5 minutes. Take notes on the results.
  22. Maybe it could run that guy's robot that picks up marbles....we'll talk about Doom3 later, I can obviously see you're not ready for that yet.
  23. Move to germany, you autobahn queer!
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