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  1. Can you witness the birth of the Universe?

    I think "desired" is a bit strong. It was just the standard assumption at the time. There was no reason to think otherwise.
  2. why do two objects fall same rate in a vacuum

    And all of that useful information (which was included in the first reply) is lost when you reduce it to dimensional analysis.
  3. Quantum Entanglement ?

    Well you brought up the holographic principle in the context of a discussion of four dimensional space. Good grief. You have gone beyond making things up to spouting complete gibberish. The room I am in has a volume and the walls have an area.That does not equate to 5 dimensions. The 2D area of the walls is not an extra two dimensions, they are 2 out of the existing 3 dimensions.
  4. Quantum Entanglement ?

    Agreed. No one said it did. Agreed. So I'm not sure why you raised it in the context of a discussion of four dimensional space. What? Apart from the fact that appears to contradict your first statement, the holographic principle doesn't "create" dimensions. It describes to projection of information in a 3D volume onto the 2 dimensions that make up the surface of that volume. These are not "new" dimensions. They are 2 of the 3 existing dimensions.
  5. Quantum Entanglement ?

    As I didn't say either of those things, I'm not sure why you claim I did. The holographic principle states that the information within a three dimensional space can be encoded on a two dimensional surface. You referenced it in support of four dimensional space. If you can't see the inherent contradiction in your claim, then I don't know how to make it any clearer. But perhaps it would help if you explained (in your own words) what you think the holographic principle is. That might help me understand your claim that it equates to four dimensions instead of two.
  6. why do two objects fall same rate in a vacuum

    And that connection is what the OP was asking about; i.e. why the acceleration is what it is for different masses.
  7. generating electricity with fusion explosives

    Yes, of course. Governments around the world have banned the use of hydroelectric power. How could we not have noticed. (Although, hydroelectric has a much worse safety record than nuclear so maybe they should.)
  8. why do two objects fall same rate in a vacuum

    But that doesn't tell you anything about the reason it has that velocity or acceleration. It certainly doesn't tell you that two objects with different mass must have the same velocity or acceleration. Because, of course, they can have any velocity or acceleration.
  9. Quantum Entanglement ?

    Just because Susskind has worked on both ER=EPR and the holographic principle doesn't mean that one is based on the other.
  10. Is the past infinite?

    And so? We should stop trying to find one? Or do you mean there can be no explanation?
  11. Is the past infinite?

    And you're saying it is impossible for the universe to have always existed. So, from the principium tertii exclusi we can conclude that the universe doesn't exist. Is that correct? Why should they need to? In our current cosmological models, they have only existed for about 13 billion years.
  12. why do two objects fall same rate in a vacuum

    Hmmm.... yeah.... But I still don't find the argument from dimensional analysis very compelling - and it doesn't explain the reason, either. It just argues from the result: it's independent of mass because it is independent of mass.
  13. Acronyms and Abbreviations

    This is almost inevitable for acronyms that are used frequently enough. I wonder how many people know what laser, radar and scuba are acronyms of (or even that they are acronyms). And why should they? They have become English words in their own right now. Even with more recent acronyms like RAM (which looks like an acronym because it is in caps) I'm sure there are a lot of people who don't know what it stands for. And I have seen increasing use of Ram and ram so this is on the way to becoming a word, as well. And then there is the opposite effect where some words that are not acronyms are treated as if they were. The most obvious one in my field is "flash" (a type of memory) which is often written as FLASH or Flash even though it is just the standard English word flash.
  14. why do two objects fall same rate in a vacuum

    That argument doesn’t make sense to me. The acceleration due to gravity on the Moon is less than on Earth so mass obviously does play a role. And acceleration is dependent on force, which also doesn’t appear in your dimensional analysis.
  15. Hardest word for you to spell

    I don't think I have ever heard that used. The squits is another popular alternative. I seem to remember being surprised when spellcheck corrected "separately" for me, so presumably I had been misspelling it as "seperately" for years.
  16. How gravity works

    To be honest, I doubt anyone cares what your "theory" is.
  17. cleaning a spill

    The answer here looks plausible:
  18. Hardest word for you to spell

    I think most people would spell it, "the runs".
  19. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    They are not independent. The magnetic field of a permanent magnet is due to the presence of electric charges. Because you are using terminology in odd ways or that doesn't even exist. And you seem to have some odd, non-physical assumptions (like 4D space). For example: If we assume that you are rotating through 90º then a second rotation will change from the magnetic field back to the electric field. That is, in the case of electromagnetic radiation. In other cases, it is relative movement that creates a magnetic field from and electric - or vie versa. Can you explain how much you understand of virtual particles already because I'm not sure your questions/statments about them make much sense.
  20. 3 events that happened only once in history

    On the evolution of flowering plants, this might be of interest:
  21. How gravity works
  22. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    All electromagnetic field interactions are mediated by virtual-articles. (There are other virtual particles for things like the strong and weak interactions.) But I'm not really sure what you are asking. Or why ... So maybe if you explained a bit more about the background, it might make your questions a bit easier to interpret.
  23. Quantum Entanglement ?

    In other words, you made it up. Good grief. The holographic principle says that the entropy of a 3D volume (that is THREE dimensions) can be encoded on a 2D surface (that's TWO dimensions). So it reduces the number of dimensions. And is therefore the opposite of increasing the number of dimensions to four. And it doesn't give any extra information.
  24. Quantum Entanglement ?

    Do you have a reference for that? No. Because of course you don't.
  25. why do two objects fall same rate in a vacuum

    I wouldn't put it like that. The force isn't "coming out of the Earth". The force is between the Earth and the object so the magnitude of the force depends on both masses. ('s_law_of_universal_gravitation) What is the relevance this question? That is predicted by theory and consistent with the evidence. What speed do you think they move at? And I assume you mean gravitational waves (gravity waves are much, much slower).