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  1. I'm looking for an automatic software soultion. Does it exist in the area of handwriting analysis?
  2. I'm looking for a method to define level of stress (objectively, i.e. not with questionnaires) at home. The idea is to access general stress level of a person once every morning during considerable period of time (e.g. several months) - a non-invasve method instead of blood tests. There might be many stressors both psychological and physiological - from financial and family problems to junk food and hangover. The assessment shall be done at home, so simple means are required. It's possible to use home devices like home HRV and home EEG but both don't measure stress reliably (HRV does not measure mental stress at all, and home EEG are not reliable enough). I thought about computer cognitive tests - but If a person performs the same test day after day then his results may improve not because of stress decrease but because he has improved his playing skill. And so the results can't tell if his stress level goes down or up. Any ideas?
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