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  1. I am sure you will make many friends here if you are sincere. 

  2. hello. i'm looking for like-minded individuals to be friends with. is that okay? i hope it is. 

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    2. dordle-loddle


      None of the people around me in real life are interested in theoretical physics and cosmology. This is my only way to get in contact with people who do. 

    3. StringJunky


      People are no more superficial on the internet than in real life. They are one and the same but falling out is easier because you just hit the Off button. You can get your science fix discussing on here.

    4. Moontanman


      This forum saves me big bucks in pop science magazines and is always ahead of the curve, welcome. 

  3. Is the Universe infinite or just really, really big?
  4. Do you believe in God? Why?
  5. If energy cannot be created, then how was the sun, Earth's main source of energy, formed during the Big Bang?
  6. Hello, I'm new to the forum. If everything had a source, (like a mother and a child, or the sun and plants) then where did gravity come from?