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    Please do my survey: Thanks.
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    Mg from C10H6MgN4O8

    The idea is to explore the chemistry
  3. TheRoot

    Mg from C10H6MgN4O8

    Well ion is a particle with positive charge (usually an atom that lose or get some electrons). In metals there are free electrons and the atom are in Bravais lattice. But I think that if we somehow get the Mg atoms they will group. For example it happens in electrolysis of NaOH.
  4. TheRoot

    Mg from C10H6MgN4O8

    Any ideas what chemicals will be created? Do you thing that if I add H2SO4 it will produce MgSO4?
  5. TheRoot

    No, you CAN'T make sodium!

    I thing think that in 320 C H2O (in electrolysis of NaOH; this is how sodium was made for first time) will react realy fast with Na creating e protective layer of H2. The same as reaction of copper with 70% and 50% nitric acid.
  6. TheRoot

    Mg from C10H6MgN4O8

    Can we get metallic magnesium (Mg) from magnesium orotate dihydrate (C10H6MgN4O8)?
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    I like citizen chemistry. Can you recommande me a way to store sodium?
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    I want to ask can we store sodium (Na) in sunflower or olive oil?