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  1. Hah. Damn you mods sure have good memory. I admire your fun poking.
  2. Suppose you are faced with the following decision: You are forced to choose between one of two people to die tomorrow through complete incident: Your spouse, or a person all the way across the world that you have not met and will never meet. What is wise? To choose your wife to die? or to choose a person of unknown potential, unknown intellect, who will accomplish unknown things in his lifetime? There is no right or wrong answer as you do not know what your spouse will do, much the same as you do not know what the person that you do not know will do. The only thing you can do to find a wise path is to remove yourself from the situation wholly and consider all sides. Wisdom does not benefit anyone, it is not self seeking nor charitable, it is not pointed towards one or more specific goals unless you point it there, it is flowing and calm like a river, which flows to the sea. Wisdom is the ability to remove yourself from yourself to think freely within confines by seeing outside them. -Dan
  3. Apologies, business consumes my time. Dyson Spheres? Well.... Fermi may have been right. Let's just hope Klingons don't show up now, or worse, the Borg. Also, if we have proof of Dyson spheres does that finally mean that we have concrete proof that structures on the scale of the Death Star are possible? And if so can I get a quote on the cost? How about insurance and a parking spot?
  4. In a way, games are like universes: Rules affect outcomes, outcomes determine what is and isn't, there is matter, there is energy. So it shouldn't be surprising that our 'reality' as you put it, resembles a game. If you support the theory of parallel universes, there is a universe that is exactly the same as any given game you can think of. Therefore Skyrim exists as a parallel universe, as does Final Fantasy 7, and even Mario. Even if the theory of parallel universes is indeed true, the likelihood of existing in one of these parallel universes is equal to one in infinity, however one in infinity is still one out of a number.
  5. The exact same reason why you question it: Why?
  6. What is the purpose of life? The same question applies to all nations as they too are living beings composed of many living beings, who are in turn composed of many more living beings. The question you should be asking is not what purpose something serves, but what it has accomplished. The United States has put men on the moon, developed a deterrence against massive scale conflict, attempted to provide the world's populace with the ability to choose, and has cured many diseases and helped curb the spread of many incurable ones. I daresay the heat which this nation catches is far too much for what it has accomplished in three hundred short years, it has made invaluable contributions to humanity, and though nothing is without it's cost, the majority of it's populace wants the advancement of science and the arts. Do not forget that to give oneself wholly to fury or prejudice in interest in defeating an enemy is to betray wisdom, as you can no longer see the full nature of your enemy. The best way to defeat an adversary is to remove yourself from the situation through contemplation and then decide what to do. If you are truly enemies of the United States so be it, but do not think that this nation has bought what they have cheaply, and do not think that everything that you hear from another person is true. The only thing that cannot deceive you is yourself.
  7. A question worthy of a thousand books trying to prove either side. The only way to concretely say yes or no is to have a view of the entire universe, and unless you happen to be capable of "Leaving Hotel California" (The universe), I am afraid that there is no answer that is true or false except one: Perhaps it is, Perhaps it isn't.
  8. Whoops. Wow. Forgot the link. Damn I am busy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_pressure
  9. To begin this page here is a quote from an article on Wikipedia I was reading a moment ago: "Magnetic pressure is an energy density associated with a magnetic field. Any magnetic field has an associated magnetic pressure contained by the boundary conditions on the field. It is identical to any other physical pressure except that it is carried by the magnetic field rather than (in the case of a gas) by the kinetic energy of gas molecules. A gradient in field strength causes a force due to the magnetic pressure gradient called the magnetic pressure force." So in magnetic pressure being identical to physical pressure except in being carried by a magnetic field rather than the kinetic energy of gas molecules, I raise the question is it possible to generate electricity from magnetic pressure exerted on a magnetic field? This question is rather above my knowledge of magnetism so I leave the speculation to those whom know what they are talking about.
  10. So I was reading my Hubble feed this morning over some eggs and sausage when I stumbled across an article about a possible failed supernova in NGC 6946, where the star brightened considerably, but not enough to be classified as a supernova, and after this event it's infared output lessened considerably as well so it could not have simply remained a star hidden behind the dust cloud it created. This star specifically is N6946-BH1, and I find it rather interesting that it may be a black hole even though the star did not go supernova, and I think this could redefine a large section of research on the nature of black holes. I for one think that a new type of celestial body was formed as a result of the event, one which we have not seen before, as we have never witnessed this kind of event before. I personally believe that this could have formed a body with density close to that of a neutron star but without the necessary density to initiate neutron formation, a failed neutron star if you will. I think that this is relative possibility based upon a few basic points: The star did not go supernova completely, which means that it is less likely than most cases of supernovae that a black hole was formed; The infared emissions are too low for it to be a dwarf star (Unless it became a black dwarf); And the infared emissions are too low for it to have retained most of it's mass and or sustained significant nuclear fusion; and to back up this thought these particular objects would be very hard to detect unless they were orbiting stars, and then they would be easy to mistake for planets, and they would not produce gravitational lensing on the same scale as black holes as they would have neither the density or mass of one, making them harder to spot. This is in no way a claim I am making, this post is simply food for thought and this is my thought, Feed your brain and share your thought below.
  11. Gah. You're right. fine. nevermind.
  12. Ok, simplify it, How could you store light without converting to to chemical, kinetic, or potential energy? Otherwise we just have a flashlight again. If light doesnt degrade, can be used as a power source and can even be slowed down and takes up no space so can be stored in infinitely dense concentrations. Why dont they make batteries out of light? Sounds like they have the technology to do it. And I cant imagine cost is a factor, light is free. -OP 'Why don't they make batteries out of light?' That calls into question practicality because batteries are practical ways of storing energy that can be harnessed to do work.
  13. Right, but the question is how can you practically store photons? Why not just build a flashlight? Yes indeed, due to me not reading into that enough I made that mistake. However radiant energy couldn't really be used as a pure power source through conversion to electricity like the OP is suggesting.
  14. In physics, electromagnetic radiation (EM radiation or EMR) refers to the waves (or their quanta, photons) of the electromagnetic field, propagating (radiating) through space carrying electromagnetic radiant energy. Radiant energy cannot be harnessed practically to generate energy. You can build mirrors for days, and you're still melting salt. Photon batteries do not exist, You can store the energy from photons through other means, but photon batteries do not exist.
  15. Well if you're constantly hunted by things which only desire to eat you which you do not have the means to kill, you tend not to think. Hence why so many soldiers just follow their training in battle rather than thinking, and hence the phrase, don't think just shoot.