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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows of a good way or a handy wee mnemonic to differentiate between these three principles?


I understand the concept of each one well enough ( for A level chemistry standards anyway) but if I got a question asking, for example, to state Hund's rule it could end up just being a stab in the dark which of the three I describe.



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I mean the best way to remember each of the 3 for me is this...


Aufbau- Building up electrons to find ground state

Hund- is that all electrons must be placed into sub-shells before they can be paired.

Pauli Exclusion- no 2 electrons can have the same 4 QN


Aufbau itself is an abstract word when compared to normal english vernacular this should be able to be memorized on its own


Hund's rule you can think of the word hugs. there needs to be 2 people to hug. Therefore you can analogize that all electrons must be placed into a sub shell in order to hug another one... something like that


Pauli Exclusion the word exclusion in this should throw up flags as to what it entails. Its exclusive each electron is exclusive and therefore no other electrons can have the same SSN as another one...


Lol just trying to help I am not a pictorial studier or anything so this might help might not.

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