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Prime Products just one last time

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Ok, so 40,000 people have seen this post. Does no one agree the equations show a pattern in factoring. I’m serious in my approach to this problem. I am not trying to deceive anyone. As my instructor in college would say this is a 5 second problem. Plug in N and x can only be a Prime factor.

I know it isn’t difficult solving knowing both x and N. But these equations show where x must be knowing only N.

Many have seen it but does anyone believe me? You see no one believes me that an amateur found a pattern to Prime numbers. And they would be correct. These equations and patterns are based on patterns in factoring. So if N was 10 an x of 2 would prove the equations true.

So has anyone actually tried what I proposed? Or, did it just sound impossible and not worth the effort?

I ask because I must not be explaining it correctly. Does anyone have any questions? This was the first time I wrote so much about a set of math problems. I have learned it can get out of control; not knowing how to describe something that isn’t completely finished.

So let me know good or bad what you think. Like in show business no comments is worse than criticism.

My question is, “Does no one see it?”

A pattern in Primes may be impossible, but a pattern in factoring is possible. And is important to reverse public key cryptography.

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