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Damn - the fact that we converse on this forum, have broadly similar outlooks, and tend to agree about a lot makes me forget how different our situations can be. The road I work on was rebuilt about 300 years ago, has been in constant city-like habitation for longer and there hasn't been a wild animal we need to worry about for many many more hundreds. In central London it can be easy to forget that the Global village includes places with snakes and alligators!


Londinium, nicest city in Caesar III :)


Whole region of Florida was only relatively recently settled. Last few hundred years really. Interesting to see how things have changed looking at old maps, aerial views, plat maps and photographs. See neighborhoods appear, vanish, whole bodies of water being shifted about and expanded. Interesting stuff.


I'd like to think we can learn to safely coexist with them. My hope anyways. It would be nice to see that we can live long-term with just one dangerous animal that is noncompetitive with us in every other way.

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My guess is that people who blame the mother or father don't have children of their own. While some children are well behaved, others can be quite rambunctious. Such a thing can happen very fast.

We've become so judgmental and prone to mob justice. Us at SFN to some extent, but more so us globally and online.   It's a sad scenario. It's an event that each of us wish went better. Each of us

You know I thought I had said that in my initial reply post #2 but your post iNow (+1 BTW) shows the value of eloquence over concision.         Captain Hindsight, the only perfect super-hero. .

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