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Crime, poverty and great leadership


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I was thinking about crime and how a good community leader could reduce poverty and crime in a neighbourhood by providing opportunities and connecting people.


In the modern day, people in poor communities have little sense of belonging and meaning since all food, water, shelter are provided by governments. This creates whole in the lives of many poor people and leads them to form criminal organizations that fulfil the void created by modern society, allowing young people the opportunity to gain wealth, status, enjoyment and a sense of belonging.


I would argue that a great and intellectual leader could organize people in these communities without the need of a significant amount of capital (which would be obtained from the community) to provide alternatives to young men who are at risk at criminal behaviour. People should develop systematic approaches to finding leaders in communities.


My central point is that the structure of poor and crime ridden communities are bad and a good leader could make great progress in not only reducing crime,but also improving the happiness of its members.




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I feel like resources in many communities are misdirected. It seems to me that people spend a lot of their time and resources on things that don't improve the general well being of their community.


For example, watching too much TV, terribly eating habits and procrastination. A good leader could easily disseminate information and create faster awareness.


People won't educate themselves. Sometimes people need a NUDGE in a better direction.

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I always wanted to write essays and start a blog, but I always procrastinated. If someone just NUDGED me, I would have written much more than I can imagine.


Most people (Adults) who leave school enjoy and love the structure they had and they would happily return to school. People need structure and community. Parts of society lacks that.


There is No gaming community here, although many people do gaming.


The only organized groups are religious people.


I think, Somebody must systematically organise and lead.

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If someone just NUDGED me, I would have written much more than I can imagine.


Consider yourself NUDGED. Start a blog here if you want (just not in the discussion sections).


You need to be the change you want to see in the world. The leader you're looking for is YOU. Everyone else has been waiting for you to stop complaining and take charge. They all feel the same way, just waiting for the leader to start caring enough to man up and grab the reins.


What system are you going to use for organizing?

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I'm a shy guy, but I feel like after many years of reading (Daniel Kahneman, Steven Pinker, Steven Levitt,Confucius,Richard Thaler, Carl Sagan, Buddha, Fredrick Nietzsch, Hobbs, Jared Diamond, Hitchens) I can help people live better. There is actually science and philosophy about living well, honestly and finding meaning in this life.


My family doesn't read and I can barely keep a conversation going. So, I'm thinking about writing to my local newspaper about crime. But, I just wanted to roughen the edges of this view.


Thanks for replying

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I'm a shy guy


No, you're not. You're a literary lion. You're a top shelf leader who needs to pave the way towards understanding with your words, before you couple that with cooperative action. People need to know what you stand for so they can decide to stand with you.


There's no shy in print. By the time you need to meet the people you're to lead, they won't give you any reason to be shy. They'll be too busy cheering you.


IF you start right now, that is. Oh, and do it well, that's important too.


Nudge, nudge, NUDGE.

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