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Christianity has done nothing but Damn Humanity.

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So you are confirming that there is no support for your claims that:

Law is a unique form of memory in terms of memory storage in the brain. ...

Law is unique because law is a binary form of memory;


You just made that up and therefore the rest of your argument is wrong. Good. I am glad we have agreed on that.


Now about "the Democrat party creates the most laws and regulations by far" - do you have any statistics to support that? Or is it just your personal bias?


The example of the EPA shows although there are now 70,000 pages of laws to protect the environment and therefore one should logically feel cleaner and safer, many people are convinced things are worse. This is not even logical based on all the extra being done.


You are confusing cause and effect. It is like someone I heard say something like: "there always seems to be a crime going on when there are so many police around. Perhaps if we got rid of the police, there would be less crime."


The reason there are so many laws about environmental protection is because uncontrolled pollution and burning of fossil fuels has caused serious (and growing problems).



There was less fear before the EPA was formed as an agency, even though there were hundreds of problems that were not yet addressed. The law is compounding fear in the name of doing good, even in the minds of good people.


The purpose of the law is not to increase or reduce fear. However, as you are claiming that the existence of the EPA and all these laws has increased fear, perhaps you could show the evidence that supports that? (Or is this just another made-up "fact"?)


Law makes you linear and partially brain dead to where you can;t think but can only react.




The ancients were way ahead of their time.


Which ancients?

And in what way were they ahead of their time? Are you referring to some Golden Age where there were no laws? If so, can you provide evidence that such a time existed?

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What, in particular, did you want to discuss?

I like a few things that Christianity teaches, but the subject here is that Christianity is evil and I do agree.


Saying Christianity is evil is missing the forest for the trees. To go even further, saying any form of religion is evil is off point.


For one, let us break down evil. Evil is based in morality and if you dive into morality it is something that is most likely derived from tribalism. Morality is something that unites a group of people into an us versus them mentality. Anyone or anything that hurts the tribe is labeled as evil and the tribe has something to unite against.


If people did not operate as group based social creatures, evil as a concept would not even exist.


Then if you look into religion, religion is just a complex abstraction that has been recorded in books. It just exists in our minds.


It is people who have the capacity to do "evil" things, not religion. So let's cast aside the relation of evil to religion.


Religion at its core is a tool that has a level of interplay with large scale society.


I have more to say on the subject, but I will say this for now. Just as a forward, these are my observations and not heavily scientifically based.

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