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Largest Land Preditor???

Mike Fuller

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Did you know that there was a prehistoric type of crocidile that lived in the Jurassic era that was up to about 40ft long and weighed about 12 tons!!! Tryanasorous Rex weighed up to about 7 tons. The prehistoric crocidile may have been the Earth's largest land carnivore!!! There is a larger type of T-Rex but I don't know if that's as large.



Cheers - Mike

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The blue whale weighs up to 200 short tons (180 metric tons) and individuals up to 98 ft (29.9 m) in length have been found. It is thought to be not just the largest predator that ever lived, but the largest animal in general. It kinda depends on what you specifically mean by 'predator'. The blue whale consumes Krill and they are small animals, so it could be considered a predator in a different angle of definition.


Edit: I just realized you said 'land' predator. Sorry :wacko:

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