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  1. Why don't you being a supposedly far more intelligent person, grow up! and have at least a basic level of charity and tolerance for someone with learning difficulties like me! I failed all my GCE's at school, my highest grade being a GCE D in English Literature, I failed GCE English with a D from Collage when I was 24, too! I have had my I.Q. tested by a member of staff at a training scheme to be an average 104. So I am not a boffin at science like you! I have come on the this 'Science Forum' site to have fun and enjoy people's far more able minds than myself! Mike Fuller
  2. Hi, I'm Mike! I am NOT an intellectual! I do adore facts though, like Earth's moon 2160 miles in diameter and Pluto 1199 miles in diameter! I understanding the very basic limits of Einstein's curved space and the unification of gravity into the quantum world! I am going to be perfectly honest with you all now! I don't understand String Theory! My main loves in life are poetry ( not the garbage I have written myself! ) and music, especially orchestral music. I love sharing with people the basic information about polymaths, such as who they were, their nationality, the dates they lived
  3. Did you know that there was a prehistoric type of crocidile that lived in the Jurassic era that was up to about 40ft long and weighed about 12 tons!!! Tryanasorous Rex weighed up to about 7 tons. The prehistoric crocidile may have been the Earth's largest land carnivore!!! There is a larger type of T-Rex but I don't know if that's as large. Cheers - Mike
  4. 'Yesterday is gone and tomorrow never gets here!' John Fuller ( b.1947 ) ( My Father )
  5. 'I know nothing but the fact of my own ignorance.' Socrates ( 469bc - 399bc ) 'What I say is 'just' or 'right' means nothing, but what is in the interest of the stronger party.' From 'The Republic' ( c.380bc ) Plato ( 429bc - 347bc ) 'We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little lives are rounded with a sleep.' From 'The Tempest' ( 1812? ) William Shakespeare ( 1564 - 1616 ) 'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looki
  6. The Hawking qoute was just to inspire thought!!! Kant ( 1724 - 1804 ) said "I argue there is a God, precisely because nature can proceed through chaos in no other way than regularly and orderly." Goethe ( 1749 - 1832 ) said "Genuine conviction springs from the heart. As a true seat of conscience, the heart is a far more reliable judge of what is permissable than the understanding. The latter for all its decisiveness and all decernment tends to miss the real point." I think your qoutes you've written are brilliant by the way!!! Paticularly EdEarl and Imfantaal!!!
  7. I just think I.Q. is so snobbish, bigoted and subjective!!! It doesn't show the love and passion a person feels for his subject, it just gives a cold, distorted, false, superficial and subjective number to view someone's intelligence as an abstraction. It is so cold and superficial!!! it may be useful to indicate someone with a very low I.Q., to be able to see the areas they need help in, and the level of their mental handicap!!! Richard P. Feynman's ( 1914 - 1988 ) high school I.Q. was a barely respectable 125, which although being good is for argubley the lad who was going to become
  8. Did you know? The most demonic music ever written is the opening chords to Mussorgsky's ( 1839 - 1881 ) 'St John's Night On The Bare Mountain' ( 1866 - 1867 )!!!
  9. I meant to say 10, 50, or a billion years before we were born. Cheers - Mike ( Fuller )
  10. Atheism is a title, therefore it is in believing in a title such as 'Nothing' or 'Atheism', believing in an idea. It has to be against something as a belief for it to exist, otherwise it's just a compensating make believe. I sometimes believe there is a God because we do die. The disappearance 10, 50 or a billion years after we die is met immediately after we die. I can not imagine how infinitely hellish eternal life would be!!! "Eternity is a long time, espicially towards the end." Woody Allen ( b.1935 ). Eternal life would inevitably mean eternal pain!!! Death stops our suffering,
  11. London Population 8 Million Built Up Area Population 12 Million Birmingham Population 1.5 Million Built Up Area Population 2.3 Million Manchester Population 600,000 Built Up Area Population 2.3 Million Glasgow Population 1 Million Built Up Area Population 1.75 Million Liverpool Population 800,000 Built Up Area Population 1 Million Leeds Population 850, 000 Built Up Area
  12. Here is a fact about Bacteria. Did you know? That man shares this Earth with 3.3 times 10 To the power of 36 living creatures!!! 3.3 with 36 0's after it!!! Of which about 70% are bacteria!!! As quoted in the 1974 Guiness Book of World Records. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! All The Best!!! Keep Truckin' Cheers - Mike ( Fuller )
  13. Hawking believes that we are such insignificant complex molecular structures, on a minor planet, orbiting a very asverage star, in the outer subhurbs of one of a hundred, thousand, million galaxies, that it is difficult to believe in a God that would notice us, let alone care about us!. Singer and Intellectual Art Garfunkel said "It seems to me that God is something man-made for the purpose of maintaining a connection to the concept of a power which transcends the likes of man. A measure if you will. Yet when I think back to when I was 8 years old and what I thought was up above me I weep
  14. Tennyson ( 1809 - 1892 ) British Poet Laureate 1850 - 1892 Dryden ( 1631 - 1700 ) British Poet Laureate 1668 - 1688 Masefield ( 1878 - 1967 ) British Poet Laureate 1830 - 1867 Andrew Motion ( b.1952 ) British Poet Laureate 1999 - 2009 Ted Hughes ( 1930 - 1998 ) British Poet Laureate 1984 - 1998 Robert Southey ( 1774 - 1843 ) British Poet Laureate 1813 - 1843 Robert Bridges ( 1844 -
  15. I don't truly grasp this paper called CTMU ( The Cognitive Theoretical Model of the Universe ) by Chris Langdon ( The person described as 'The Smartest Man in America!!! ). It envolves I think some of Einstien's Special Theory of Relativity. How our own grasp of reality is different in space-time to other peoples, or something like that. Langdon boasted his theory is up there with Newton's and Einstien's work in terms of greatness!!! His I.Q. is believed to be between 185 and 210!!! I personally think the work of Steven Wisenberg ( b.1933 ) and Ed Witten is perhaps more profo
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