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On 31 July 2017 at 9:32 PM, Damateur said:

You're welcome. The series of self-portraits is an excellent example of art in science as well as being both enlightening and disturbing.

They are very enlightening! As are different methods of representation, when using Art to communicate " Feelings " .

I have taken a great deal of interest recently into the Science of Using ART to communicate " Human Feelings " . 

Here are two recent attempts by myself , to communicate " Human Feelings " by Art 

using the medium of PASTELS ( a chalk like texture colour crayon) .

firstly an image I caught the other day in DEVON (uk ) where a number of

traveling " bikers " had arrived in Totnes . As I gazed across the square from a Cafe my eye caught site of this gleaming Triumph Motorcycle. Having been a motorcyclist up through my life since student days I was attracted to it! Having photographed it , I returned home and committed it to paper using " Pastels " .trying to capture the engineering detail I was enraptured with most of my life . 


The second image is a further Pastel drawing , this time generated in the mind , by imagination . Here showing a completely different " effect  and Feeling " . That of mystery and beauty . 

A backlit cliff of some sort with blended edges. Again a quickly sketched ( this time idea ) , of feeling . 






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