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Hi all,


I am becoming increasingly interested in the science and mathematics and was wondering if you could offer some advice.


I didn't do well at school (Lazy, uninterested) however later in life have found I am very interested in a number of areas. I'm studying a distance course in Astrobiology via Coursera (Uni of Princeton) but find myself wishing I'd paid more attention in biology, chemistry and physics. I have been teaching myself mathematics and am at a good standard of pre-calculus (confident with trig and algebra, exponents etc).


Can anybody recommend a book which gives a good (but probably relatively shallow) introduction to the key sciences upon which I can build? Or at least so that when basics like cell structure and fundamental physics are involved, I'm not constantly required to search online?


Does such a rounded book exist?


Hope you can help!

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Rather than look for something entitled basic chemistry or basic physics have a look at in the basic materials science section of your local library/college/bookshop.


Materials science takes in a wide swath of underlying physics and chemistry without the specialisation or advanced maths you soon get into in the pure sciences.


For a US book the book By Callister is good but big.

When looking go for something called "materials science" not "mechanics of materials", which is about structural engineering.


It is difficult to include bioscience in this but there is a very good book by steven vogel called cats paws and catapaults.

This goes through comparing and contrasting natures way of achieving objectives with man made mechanisms for doing the same thing.

It is a brilliant starter book and cheap.

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