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Thread Hijack - "when you still cant sleep at all for weeks, life is hell."


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in the USA, it is federally decriminalized(depending on amount), not legal.

in some states it's legal medically(depending on amount).

in 2 states if i remember correctly it's actually legal(depending on amount).


but on a higher up level,

it is said the only reason why it's illegal

is because big tobacco and big alcohol lobby against it to keep it illegal, because they have projections that show they will lose a lot of market share

if made 100% pure legal.

they need to prepare to move into this sector to stay in business so they lobby against it to do so until they are ready.


from what i have gathered, there's no heath reason for it being illegal,or awareness issues beyond what alcohol does(if can accurately be compared).






Stoned scientists



14 Famous Scientists and Inventors who Experimented with Drugs



10 Scientific and Technological Visionaries Who Experimented With Drugs




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sorry, i have to repeat : why my nerve (or whatever i should call it) is so hardy that sleeping pills fail ??

who can tell me why ?? eek.gif

thanks !

honestly i can not say why without refreshing memory and/or researching.


it could just be a matter of what ever pill you were given does not fit your system(body/mind)

everybody's system is the same , but it's not

an individuals system is nothing more than an organic machine.

this is partly the reason why doctors try a couple of different types of the specific drug, they have to find the one that matches your system.

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