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Unsure about formula...


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In this formula:



The total power radiated by a ground dipole is



f is the frequency

I is the RMS current in the loop

L is the length of the transmission line

c is the speed of light

h is the height above ground of the ionosphere D layer

σ is the ground conductivity



The smaller the factor σ ---> the larger the power.

------> Does it mean reducing conductivity (or increasing resistivity) increases power ? Is that correct ? confused.gif


[ From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_antenna ]


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The basic laws of currents tell us that the power dissipated by a resistor is [math]P=I^2 R[/math]. Resistivity [math]\rho[/math], which is proportional to resistance, is related to conductivity [math]\sigma[/math] by the equation [math]\rho \sigma =1[/math]. So yes, that equation looks right to me.

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