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cheese on toast experiment

derek w

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I was watching Dara O'briain's science club on BBC-tv.


And they done the cheese on toast experiment,it occurred to me that you can do it with a bit of corrugated cardboard.

You simply wipe the surface of the corrugated cardboard with a damp cloth.

Take the rotating wheel mechanism out of the micro-wave oven,place 4 wooden/plastic blocks in each corner of the micro-wave and place the cardboard on the blocks,turn on the micro-wave for a few seconds.

The corrugated cardboard starts to dry out in patches.


On the back of my micro-wave it tells you the frequency is 2450Mhz.

The speed of light divided by 2450Mhz gives approx 12.2cm.


And that's how my cardboard was drying out in patches approx 12.2 cm apart.


So my question,is this because there is a greater probability of photon's popping in to existence in these patches?


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