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Big Bang

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Which bit of "The existence of the CMB radiation was first predicted by Ralph Alpher, Robert Herman, and George Gamow in 1948" did you choose to ignore? It was a prediction many years before it was experimentally observed - that's pretty amazing for an interpretation. Alpher, Herman and Gamow were amazing theoreticians (Bethe was no slouch but he was only in for the joke) - but even those greats would struggle to come up with an interpretation of observations 16 years before the observations were made!


The WMAP Cold Spot you mention is a complete red herring

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Predicting the existing a what you call the CBMR is completely ordinary if you happen to believe in the big bang theory.


Within the absorption of emission theory of attraction, emission (light) is constructed into densities (waves) through the convergence of emission from different sources. If the Universe did not have an absorption/emission groundstate that emitted, the emission (light) that we observe would not exist. The Universe has an absorption/emission groundstate that absorbs and emits and this was detected by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson by radio telescope in 1964, and is mistakenly believed to be radiation left over from the big bang. Within the absorption/emission groundstate there must be regions of absorption exceeding emission from which elliptical galaxies and the cores of spiral galaxies emerge as states of emission exceeding absorption. These regions couldappear as voids. NASA has detected voids as “cold spots” with its Wilkinson Microwave Anisotopy Probe(WMAP) satellite. There must be athreshold point at which absorption exceeding emission becomes emissionexceeding absorption and an elliptical galaxy or the core of a spiral galaxybecomes readily visible. The core of spiral galaxies is probably the S0 type withinHubble’s classification of galaxies.





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Except that the CMB has a perfect black body spectrum, which was exactly predicted by the BB theory. When the original COBE data was released, it exactly followed the predicted values, and the error bars were dots.


The 'voids' you reference are areas which are colder by 1 part in one hundred thousand.

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