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Humans having sex with aliens?


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The spaceship landed on a distant planet suitable in every way to support human life. A young male astronaut fitted a Babel Fish into his ear and went out to explore. He found the local humanoid females surprisingly attractive and their way of making strangers welcome was to whisk them off to bed. So he quickly found himself snuggled up against a beautiful alien female. He started to kiss her passionately and found she was caressing his left hand. she then lifted his hand and slid his little finger up her right nostril. He thought to himself "strange custom" but go with it if that's their idea of foreplay. After a while she removed his finger so he guided her hand down his body. "What's this?" she asked. He explained what it was and what he intended doing with it. She was horrified and said "In two days time I shall be laying an egg. Any contamination in my egg chamber will interfere with the formation of the shell!". The young astronaut then realised that he had been expected to impregnate her with his left little finger in her right nostril. He made polite conversation for a while, thanked her and went back to his spaceship. When he returned a female astronaut asked him if the local aliens were friendly. He told her they were indeed very friendly. She said "I'll go and explore a bit so have you any advice for me?" Well, the male astronaut replied "If I were you I would use the Babel Fish and I would strongly advise you to blow your nose".

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