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Morbid obesity , causes

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I actually did my own little ketosis diet for a little while years ago, experimenting around, trying to lose those last ten or twenty pounds. Definitely is not very fun. With all of the things in life that can make fat-loss difficult, like insulin resistance, diabetes, and genetics, sometimes shocking the system can be a good thing, especially since you seem to be so well-read on the subject. Just be vigilant and exercise caution. It sounds like you will have all of your bases covered, so it can't be that bad, and if you start to feel a bit too strung out, remember, it's ok to cheat a little, because your body is probably trying to tell you something, that maybe you missed a detail because you've been on a fad diet!

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You seem to have missed the point.

"Different variations of the product can be made according to gender, climate, and amount/intensity of physical exercise of the consumer."

So, with 6 billion people you will make 6 billion different varieties?

Also, how will people know which variety to buy?

Are you going to offer genetic screening in the shop?

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