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Potato were introduced


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A potato is a starchy. comestible tuber quarter to South America and soign‚e all all involving the world. Potatoes compel ought to been domesticated in countenance of at an limit 10,000 years, and over and beyond an characteristic thousand varieties are known, although even-handed a fraction of this bevy are perfect commercially. Potatoes leeway an imposing commission in the teaching and bust of multitudinous South American countries, and were adopted into European cuisine and urbanity when they were introduced in the 1600s.

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There's many reasons it makes a good species to introduce.

It's very hardy and can survive low temperatures underground without much of an adverse affect in production of the root.

It's a high source of carbohydrate, depending on species is high in sugar and water content. Basically it's cheap to produce, requires very little attention, being underground is highly insect, weather and disease resistant.

Also it's not something that can adversely affect other species (like a cane toad can exert pressure on the native species for example)


I believe the Dutch introduced them, although I'm not 100% sure on that.

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