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  1. Most engineering degrees have a "common year" where they touch on all disciplines. During the first year he should be able to get a handle on which type of engineering he prefers. 2nd-4th year are your years where you choose a 'major'. Civil engineering is a good start, it will give a solid base in any of the other mainstream disciplines from which he can choose.
  2. That sounds like anarchy. I'm not sure this would lead us toward free will it would make us very reactive rather than pro-active. And as you are in a reactive state, you would not be exercising pure free will. From a psychology perspective, there are 3 (well 4 really) aspects to personality. Id, ego, and superego. You could include the subconcious as the 4th, however I think it resides in each of these 3 already. Religion, parenting, social exposure during your life, past success/failure all contribute to these anchoring behaviours, and this is really where "free will" is affected.
  3. I can't tell you how happy it made me to see the Suisse stick it to Spain! Great result, Spain was a little unlucky but I think the Swiss team deserved it. The swiss will be happy with that it's the first time in 18 internationals they've ever beaten Spain... Awesome result and now spain will have to work to get out of their group so it might blow the top contenders right open if they lose a 2nd.
  4. In Australia there is no school or college based 'civics' course, and no education regarding the law and your rights. Absolutely ZERO. However you could always take a law subject or something as a Minor i guess, but there's definately nothing during the early school years.
  5. There is a huge difference between the law, and morals. Law is: a. The body of rules and principles governing the affairs of a community and enforced by a political authority; a legal system: international law. b. The condition of social order and justice created by adherence to such a system: Its connotation is often in the term "Rule of Law". The rule of law is an ancient ideal, and was discussed by Ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle around 350 BCE. Plato wrote: Where the law is subject to some other authority and has none of its own, the collapse of th
  6. Actually I think it was content...although there was one post that went a bit awry with attitude after Clippers odd content was being locked very quickly.
  7. There's many reasons it makes a good species to introduce. It's very hardy and can survive low temperatures underground without much of an adverse affect in production of the root. It's a high source of carbohydrate, depending on species is high in sugar and water content. Basically it's cheap to produce, requires very little attention, being underground is highly insect, weather and disease resistant. Also it's not something that can adversely affect other species (like a cane toad can exert pressure on the native species for example) I believe the Dutch introduced them, although I'
  8. But this is what happens. The 'scientific' people wont see from another side, everything is not always so black and white. I'm willing to wager that before they did the testing, they sat around with peers and said "I'm willing to wager that inside that particle are even smaller particles" and they would have blabbed on about that for a while, and then worked out a way of testing to prove/disprove the speculation. Science will never move forward if all we ever did was stick to what we know. I think it is unreasonable to request someone who may be a specialist in a different area to
  9. I'm not advocating violence against police, I'm also not suggesting non-cooperation. I'm saying there is a limit to how much you are obliged to give when cooperating, which only serves to PROTECT yourself. This has nothing to do with aggressing anyone, or causing anarchy, this is knowing your rights and exercising them.
  10. Oh yeah sure, I agree that he was pretty strict to both teams, he even yellow carded a german stricker for faking a fall. Which was good to see. I notice that the Aussies don't often take a 'dive' in fact they will often play on despite their ankle being all but snapped in two, this is our tradition with most sports, if you can keep going, you do. But I think this may actually be a huge weakness of the aussie team in soccer. We need to start doing this as the theatrics are part of the game. But you say the mexican ref made all good calls and I have to disagree, there was an obvious handba
  11. Can you provide scientific proof of this phenomenon? How did you arrive at this figure? And this is exactly the reason why it's frustrating to either the poster, or anyone supporting. I understand the need for 'scientific' merit, it's obvious. But I think the problems comes with terms like 'scientific ignorance' and 'drivel' which only serve to insult the intelligence of the poster, whom more likely than not has minimal emotional attachment to their idea, and at least wants to be told why it wont work, rather than just being summarily dismissed with a wave of the hand as though one was
  12. Well Australia got trounced 4-nil, although I was expecting a loss against Germany. Can't expect much better with a coach that doesn't seem to give a toss, and a poorly selected team, and then to top it off with some terrible referee work and an obvious hand ball in front of goal by germany that was not penalised. Sigh...it's all part of the game, but seriously some balanced reffing sure would be nice. Red carding our best striker for a really minor infringement was a really terrible call. Also just FYI Australia is part of the British empire... And the American team is pretty darn
  13. Absolutely! But you know, use your discretion... If you've obviously not been involved in something provide a statement to police. There's a big difference between providing a statement, and being questioned though. Make sure he has his notepad out, and writes down verbatim what you just said. It can't be mis-interpreted that way. If he's not writing it down, ask him to take his book out and write it down. If he/(she) refuses, then you are well within your rights to refuse to co-operate on the grounds that what you say is subject to mis-interpretation. Alternatively, request that you g
  14. Sorry if this comes across as angry, but it is something that makes me very angry. BP for one, has profited long and hard whilst communities, countries, and general populations are kept in poverty. This world is all about money, money is your god, worship it, do everything you can to protect it, fight for it, kill for it! It sickens me to my core. To think that now this tragedy has been allowed to go on for so many weeks gushing black death into the oceans which will affect all of us in some way, don't underestimate it. This is a terrible event no doubt, and whilst the blame game
  15. Admittedly though, $75m wont go very far!
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