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Electromagnetic radiation and steady state of hydrogen atom

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Please note a simple fact follow:

In different coordinates, the observing results are different for a moving particle. the result in a coordinte could be transferred by coordinates transformation relationship, and will be the same as the result in other coordinate. Coordinate transformation is the correct method for treatment of results in different coordinates.

So, if the transformation relationship between two coordinates is unknow or uncertain, the results in these two coordinates can not be compared.

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! Moderator Note Rule 7 says not to post links without supporting discussion (you've been warned about this before) and posting your pet theory in someone else's thread is hijacking. Don't do this a

Coordinate transformation is the correct method for treatment of results in different coordinates.

This can be demonstrated by showing us that your coordinates make as good or better predictions than the existing methods.


See my note above. Make predictions, not 'logic'.


Show us that your idea is actually useful.


Basically, you're asking us to drop something -- a something that is has demonstrated it can make really good predictions that agree very closely to what is measured -- to something that cannot make any predictions. Why would anyone do that?!? Why get rid of something useful for something that hasn't demonstrated any usefulness?


"Hey, I'm going to chop off my hand because I've heard that a pointy stick is better. Sure, no one's given me a pointy stick yet to try, but I'm going to trust Billy Bob because he told it was true......"

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OK, 7 pages is more than enough time to provide adequate support for an idea, if such support exists. None has been forthcoming, so the thread will be closed per Speculation section rules. Don't open this topic again unless you can provide some tangible evidence for it.

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