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Capacitor Question

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Just have a quick capacitor question.


How does one find the amperage of a charged cap. Say if I had 120volt 30 micro farad cap, how would I find the amperage produced if discharged? Another question, what about if there were 5 caps lined up in parallel, then what's the amperage?


A formula would be fantastic, I've tried looking online but I can't seem to get a straight answer.

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to find amperage of 5 caps lined up in parallel find the total capacity of the system...say you have five cap of c capacity the net cap will be 5c.now say u are supplying 250v to it. find the total charge(q=cv) and differentiate w.r.t time you will get amperage.


amperage of a charged cap:

differentiate following equation w.r.t time

Q=EC (1-e-t/cr)

colored text is in power.

here t is time

E is battery emf

C is capacitance

r is the resistance of the battery and connecting battery taken together.

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Supposing that you know the frequency, then I assume the question would lie in:


[math]I=U\omega C[/math] which is derived from




[math]I=\frac{U}{\frac{1}{\omega C}}[/math]

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