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  1. Here is a site I often reference in such situations: http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/ It's more of a textbook, but I've found it quite usefull.
  2. If you were to build a ring, inset that ring with another ring set on foil bearings, rotate the inner ring at an extreme speeds - assuming the outter ring remains fixed - would that structure in it's entirety have a greater compressive strength than the same structure in an immobile state? Constructed entirely (mind the foil) of epoxied carbon fiber, where the extreme strength is tensile, could it be a super light circular structure capable of withstanding extreme pressure (to the tensile strength of the fiber)? (putting aside the obvious energy needs for the moment) Thanks, Bo
  3. Hey, I just made a thread in the Astronomy and Cosmology section of the forum, and figured I should introduce myself... Since I was five or so, I've been armed with a screwdriver in front of a heavy-as-hell wood grain console TV. Wondering what the glowee thing in the back does - is that where 'the people' rehearse for the next scene? Now, I know it's all about the electrons and the attraction... of the forces... and the WHOO HAH! All while holding a stable magnetic field! But no matter how much of that TV's science I keep myself learning, I'm still five, and it's still magic th
  4. Firstly, I do have a new theory, but I'm not here to peddle it per se. Secondly, I am not formally educated... As I believe I can find the education I need among people such as yourselves. A discussion online is never good until it gets good and heated. Currently, I believe I have developed a theory for an efficient Vacuum Sustainable Dirigible (a Vacuum Blimp by any other name). Scoffed at since the early sixteenth century; the sheer efficiency of this ludacris idea creates doubt in any of Newton's followers. If realized, a Vacuum Sustainable Dirigible could revolutionize th
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