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50 * Ideas you really need to know series.


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I picked up mathematics, physics and philosophy. I would recommend these to anyone who doesn't have a list of principles, theories, and laws on hand.


I am reading the physics one now. There is everything from Mach's principle to Absolute Zero- Newton's theory of color to General relativity- String theory to cosmic inflation. So far it has been a good read- short, direct and to the point.


I found these at Walden books for about 5 USD a peice. I also found Essential Einstein, Universe, A Brief History of Time, Universe in a Nutshell, Stem Cell Now, and The Scientists. I only paid 60USD for all of them!

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So, this series... Is it a collection of essays by various authors? Is it in textbook form where ideas are split by chapter and section? Or, is it more of a read by a single author discussing their impacts on society?


I'm not familar with the series you've referenced.

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