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  1. I picked up mathematics, physics and philosophy. I would recommend these to anyone who doesn't have a list of principles, theories, and laws on hand. I am reading the physics one now. There is everything from Mach's principle to Absolute Zero- Newton's theory of color to General relativity- String theory to cosmic inflation. So far it has been a good read- short, direct and to the point. I found these at Walden books for about 5 USD a peice. I also found Essential Einstein, Universe, A Brief History of Time, Universe in a Nutshell, Stem Cell Now, and The Scientists. I only paid 60USD for all of them!
  2. I chose digital simply because I work for a hospital system that only uses military time and it is too easy for me to make an error of a minute or two with a standard watch. My current watch is a digital watch set to 24hr mode with an analog overlay. I suppose I use both.
  3. That is an excellent point. 28Million years old, carbon dated im sure. 28million > 6,000.
  4. ...Should be known by someone who does not use math in daily life? I am relearning everything I have forgotten since I graduated from high school. In college I have only taken 4 math classes and out of all the classes I have taken, that is only a very small percentage. If anyone could give me a general ball park idea of where I should be, I would be very appreciative.
  5. I believe that you can make progress in other areas of science while researching other projects. Is that not how things happen a good bit of the time? While researching X, you find a general application for Y etc... Life is full of what ifs, and I believe if anyone were to really make that argument about string theory, I would reply with the same "what if" or "should we" argument. What if someone gets it. What if it is a failed theory. What if we learn other things from it, even if falling short of the target idea? I agree with most of what you said here (I did not include everything in the quote). I think the rhetorical question you ask is the basis for almost all funding failures and triumphs. Should we. Should we not. We should, always.
  6. Hello, I am very new to these forums. I have been reading a few different books (in a few different areas of education) over the last few weeks and I was curious as to the opinion you people may have of them, and if anyone knows of counter points (books) to each respective book please let me know- as I like to have many sides to the same "story" to help form my own conclusion. The books are: Genome by Matt Ridley The God delusion by Richard Dawkins ...On the Origin of the Species... by Charles Darwin Death by Black Hole and Other Cosmic Quandaries by Neil deGrasse Tyson The End of Faith, Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason by Sam Harris The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
  7. There are also those "space crystal" growing kits. That is was brought me into science as a child (as well as those charlie brown science 'cylopedias lol)
  8. This book is one of my favorites, along with the selfish gene as far as Richard Dawkins goes. Personally I am happy that the main stream media was so up in arms about it.
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