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i need help with this one


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I have dark blonde hair (dirty blonde) naturally, with hazel eyes, my ex has brown hair and brown eyes, my daughter is starting to get dark blonde and greenish eyes.. i thought that brown was the dominated one from green? Isnt my daughter supposed to have brown hair and brown eyes? or is she going to look alot like her mom? i need some answers here. thanks

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Things like this are not always as simple as your jr. high biology class. Things like eye color are not controlled by one, but many genes. You also have things like co-dominance and shared dominance (I think those are the names). For example: A red flower pollinates a white flower. What do you get? You might think that red dominates white, but that's not always the case. Maybe it's pink (shared dominance) or maybe it's red and white (co-dominance).

When my mother was young, she has light blonde hair. By her early 20's it was medium brown.

When I was young my hair was very dark black. Today, it's medium-dark brown.


These things can be very complicated. Gene expression is still not fully understood.

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To be honest I do not know precisely what factors attribute to eye colour (there are papers around, but frankly it does not interest me that much).

However precisely because alleles contributing to brown eyes are dominant, it is possible that your child exhibits a recessive phenotype.

The reason is that you are likely heterozygous to the allele(s) contributing to eye colour, but as brown is dominant, you only get the brown phenotype. Same likely applies to your partner.

We can assume the easiest case, namely that eye colour is determined by a single locus. In that case we can assume that you two got

Bb (with B being the dominant allele leading to brown, and b the recessive allele leading to green eyes) as genotype.

and your child bb.

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