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  1. Yes, there's a server edition. But does the SFN server have spinning cubes? How does the wifi work?
  2. I apologize. I was only responding (in a half-joking manner) to your own misleading statements. If you do some reading, you'll find that many people have problems with Ubuntu's updates. Many users don't even attempt to update before doing a full reinstall. And I wasn't talking about servers or supercomputers. Ubuntu is a desktop distribution. Desktops have a lot of crap that servers don't: X, gnome/kde/etc, compiz, sound, wifi... It's most of these things that cause instability, not the kernel itself. The other statements were fully joking. It was a page right out of the Linux Youth Handbook. Many Linux zealots bash Windows despite being completely ignorant about it. "Windows 7 needs to be reinstalled every 6 months and blue screens twice per day and still uses FAT16 which needs to be defragmented ever time you write a file and gets owned within 90 seconds of connecting to the internet even with a firewall!"
  3. Awesome. I'm glad to hear that it Works For You. I just back up ~ and then install the new version when it comes out. It doesn't bother me one bit. I'm just glad I don't have to install any antivirus or firewalls. How sad is it when you have to rely on third parties to secure your OS?
  4. Yes, that's absolutely 100% true. That's why you should use Ubuntu instead: You only have to reinstall when the update breaks your system. (about every 6 months or so)
  5. Try making the substitution u=e^x. The resulting equation should look familiar to you (maybe bringing back memories of highschool algebra).
  6. I'm assuming you're supposed to do a definite integral over t from minus infinity to infinity or something like that. I would rewrite your final step as a product and look up the integral http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaussian_integral#Generalizations
  7. You might like this page: http://www.dangermouse.net/esoteric/ My favorite is "Chef" And this site I just discovered last week: http://99-bottles-of-beer.net/ Has over 1300 programming languages, many of them esoteric.
  8. What if we somehow drilled a hole to the center of mars and got The Core spinning again?
  9. Depends on your university. Most of the time if you switch do a BS instead of a BA, you'll have to take a couple 3 or 4 level math or engineering courses, but you won't have to take a couple 3-4 level humanities courses. It probably doesn't matter when you switch, but it won't hurt to do it early. Like I said, depends on your school. Check with your department or advisor.
  10. So what does it say about me if I accidentally deleted my Window recovery partition while installing Linux?
  11. Oh god. I'm already getting e-mails about "C|-|EEP waterm3l0n"
  12. Grammatically, Chinese is much simpler than indo-european languages though. I think you could get by fairly well knowing under 1000 characters.
  13. Since this would produce a very sharp spike, I am guessing that your voltmeter just isn't fast enough to capture it and is averaging it out over a larger time resolution.
  14. I don't think the republican logo has changed recently- I think he means that the stars on the elephant are (and always have been) placed upside-down. Up until now, I had never noticed. It seems to have been intentional, but I have no idea why. We'd better ask Alex Jones. --- Good find, iNow. I wasn't able to find a picture of the old logo either, so I had assumed that it'd always been that way.
  15. Computer science has nothing to do with useful software.
  16. No. Potential difference (voltage) is not the same as electric field. You will need to use the potential difference and the geometry of the plates to calculate the electric field.
  17. Try get ahold of a couple of practice tests. Take a test under normal conditions (sit down and finish the whole thing in 3 hours* with no breaks, no books or notes). When you're done score it and try to figure out which areas you had trouble with and study those. A couple weeks or so after that, do the same thing with a different test. This will help you get used to sitting still for 3 hours, you will figure out about how much time you can spend on each problem and it will help you fill in the gaps in your knowlege. *When I took it, the physics GRE was in the same room at the same time as the Psych GRE. Most of the Psych test takers were done within about an hour and a half.
  18. One time I found something on download.com that did this. It was called youtube video downloader or something like that. You just had to paste in the url of the video and it downloaded and saved the video for you.
  19. I use Solaris daily. Unless there is some special software that you need, there is probably no reason to use Solaris over Linux, in my opinion. By using Solaris, you will be limiting your access to a lot of support and software available to Linux.
  20. A couple of months ago, there was a similar discussion: Questions on moving charge(s)
  21. Asking this is probably against the rules. If you need it that badly for school, then you should see if your school will buy it for you. Or you might be able to get a student license.
  22. If you can do part c, it looks like part d is almost the exact same thing. Have you considered the possibility that the textbook (or wherever you got the problem) contains a mistake? It's certainly not unheard of.
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