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Magnetic Chrome???? or Oxide?

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I`ve just seen/done something that totaly defies any explaination I`m capable of!


Cr2O3 (made from burned Ammonium dichromate and washed in plain water until clear).


1 heaped spatula of it in a test tube and then 3 ml of Ammonia soln (about 10%).


there will be a slight color change but nothing drastic, then add the same amount again of H2O2 (9% 30vols).


gas will be liberated and very slight warming will be noticed, it will also make little "underwater volcanos" for half hour or so, quite interesting to watch actualy.

there will Also be a Blackish PPT in there amongst the green Cr2O3.


now get a NIB magnet next to the test tube, all these black particles will slowly move towards the magnet, not like Iron would (instantly) but very slowly as the liquid fizzes a little, remove the magnet and they drop again.


Chromium is Not a Magnetic material???


what`s going on:confused:

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