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hey I was arguing over what was the best graphics card out today I heard from an uncle of mine who has a twenty thousand dollar pc and such that there is a card out that costs over $2000 it is very hard to find, and not sold in stores you need connections to find it anyone of you ever heard of it? I was thinking of getting it if I could oh well

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Indeed - I've recently installed some sound cards in PC's at work that cost around £3,000 each.


I've also installed one £7,000 graphics card in our graphics department.


Expensive hardware is very common but isn't advertised in the same way as the standard stuff. I don't think they are kept secret and only sold to those who are 'connected'. If I made a piece of hardware I would want everybody to buy it!

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20k pc? What in the world are you planning to do with a 20k pc or even a 2k graphic card? You can get ones that play basically any game out there for $250. A 2k graphic card wow. Do you even know the capabilites of such a card? wow.......wow

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