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USB Prob?


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My USB drives don't recognize the devises I plug in, even though I have installed the drivers over and over again for the devises. Is it possible that the USB drivers are damaged or corrupted? Can anyone tell me where I can get any help please.


For a more in depth diagnosis the printer can scan images to the computer, but the computer can't print. That's when my suspicions about the drives emerged. I then installed a bluetooth wireless adapter that pluges into the USB and it won't be recognized.

Wasup wit dem.



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There are a lot of things that can mess up USB devices.


1. You should make sure you have the latest USB drivers for the USB ports themselves not just the drivers for the equipment you are plugging into them. If your USB ports are mounted on the MOBO check the MOBO maker's web page for updates to your MOBO's chipset as well. If it is a slotted expansion card check with the card maker's web page.


2. What version of USB are your devices? It should say on your packages if it says they require USB 2.0 and if you only have USB 1.(whatever) ports. You could run into problems even though things are supposed to be backwards compatible. After all it is plug and pray! :rolleyes:


3. Are you using a USB hub or plugging directly into you PC? Hubs are great but some devices require the voltage from the USB port for them work properly. When you use a hub unless it's a powered one that has it's own wall wart you you can't use the device through the port. So unless the hub is powered try plugging the device directly into your PC.


4. Have these devices ever worked properly before on this PC? If they have try to plug them back into the port you had them in when you originaly installed the software. I know it sounds silly, but if I don't plug my iPod back into the same USB port it recognizes it as a new device and tries to install it all over again.


5. If you are using the USB ports on the front of your machine check to make sure the wiring is still connected. When you use front panel connectors they are usually wired directly from your MOBO. It's possible if you were in there working on something you could have loosen them or they could have otherwise been disconnected.


Good luck

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Thanks for the detailed reply rhino. I will give it another go and get back to you. I am plugging them directly into the port on the PC. I will try to reinstall the USB drivers from windows.com or something.

Thanks again.

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