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Numb Finger

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Please help me on this problem of mine.

If anyone knows the 1 gallon carton of milk is relatively heavy. And 2 of them are heavier. When combined in a plastic bag with thin plastic strip, it hurts on your finger. Well my problem has gone beyond that. I have probably stopped the blood circulation to my ring finger on left hand. And the upper part is numb. this happened at 6 and now its almost 10. Ive slept 3 hrs and hoped that it would get better but somehow it just wont get better.

So just wnt to know if thsi is normal and what i might do to make it less numb.


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I don't think it's a circulation thing entirely. It's probably a pinched nerve but you should go to the doctor if it bothers you.


Don't let anyone talk you into amputation. That would be painful, costly and completely unneccesary.




Give it a couple of days and it will probably just fall off by itself *. :D





* Absolutely NOT a medical opinion, merely a joke using the remedy that laughter is the best medicine **.


** Laughter is absolutely NOT the best medicine.

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That's what I've been reading around the web, stories like yours where people were carrying too many groceries in plastic bags and either pinched or trapped a nerve in their finger. Most say it goes away in 3 days to 3 weeks.


I didn't find anyone who went to a doctor to seek relief but a doctor may be abole to do something. I really think you should see one if you are worried about recovering the lost feeling. At the least I would make a call and ask if their is anything your doctor can do for a pinched nerve.

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Well the left side of the finger is back to normal but the right upper side is still numb. I think it might be getting better.

Well i cant go to the doctors because well its kinda a funny story. My mom and I went shopping and she wanted me to carry all the bags coz her hand was hurting. And you know they have those trolly kinda thingies. She wanted to take that but I insisted that I could carry it in my hand. She said that it'll be heavy but im a stubborn ass. So we went.. and well you know the rest. So now if I go to the doctors or tell anyone about it my moms gonna be like I told you so and I hate that. I have too much pride for that. :P Mayb i can call the doctor. Certainly can't go.

Moral of the story: Listen to your mother.

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Moral of the story[/b']: Listen to your mother.
I make this prophesy:

When the child of why? is being stubborn and prideful and rejects good advice for no earthly reason, why? will look up at the sky and beseech the heavens, "Why?" And why? will remember the time pride and stubbornness against his mother almost made his finger fall off.

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You could probably speed up the recovery process, (if the numbness still hasn't completely gone), by squeezing it until tip goes red and tingly.


Well, that'll either speed up the process of recovery or cause severe internal bleeding; one of the two. :)



Dr. Death

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If your finger is normal color then you must be getting normal circulation. Therefore the numbness is nerve related. I did somewhat the same thing except an object struck my ankle and rendered my foot totally numb for a few minutes. Then over several days, the feeling came back to it and also most of my toes. It's been a month now and I still don't have normal sensation in the big toe. I'm waiting it out though as it's slowly improving. The color to the skin was normal so I wasn't worried about losing the foot, just getting the feeling back!


Hope you heal up soon...

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