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Scientists Have Failed Humanity For Over 50 Years


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Don't bash CalDaedalus too much' date=' you don't know what he's been doing.



It doesn't matter what he's been doing. Scientific accomplishment does not in any way exempt one from being answerable to the same standards of evidence and proof as anyone else. Indeed, I would expect a higher standard from an accomplished scientist. CalDaedalus' frequent use of bald assertions and logical fallacies has placed him well outside the reach of rational discourse. I am amazed that this stupid thread is still open.

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You folks can deny your failures all you wish, but the facts about world problems are louder and clearer every day, and your continued failures to produce are just as bad as Washington politicians failures to America and Humanity.


Scientists who don't give a damn enough to come up with solutions +


Politicians who are too busy being corrupted by special interests =


Hell On Earth ---


That is unless China and India can save Humanity, because that's where all the research and technology is going now that American science is dead.

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