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  1. You folks can deny your failures all you wish, but the facts about world problems are louder and clearer every day, and your continued failures to produce are just as bad as Washington politicians failures to America and Humanity. Scientists who don't give a damn enough to come up with solutions + Politicians who are too busy being corrupted by special interests = Hell On Earth --- That is unless China and India can save Humanity, because that's where all the research and technology is going now that American science is dead.
  2. So what you folks are really saying PfA is let the oil wars continue' date=' to hell with global warming, we have far more excuses for failing than we do solutions for the sake of Humanity![/b'] You folks have been on tenured welfare for far too long, and it's not just UC National Labs that is the problem, it's the entire scientific community that just watches or looks the other way, fails and say: "Progress is slow but inevitable", which might as well be an epitaph for the Human Race. Except, for about 100 years now, Progress Has Been Nonexistent, that is unless you consider fission and fusion bombs to be the ultimate end to the age of physics. Either you folks get the best and the brightest together in a University environment (no government participation allowed, they give crimes against humanity a whole new definition, because of the hideously negative consequences of politics of corruption and academic welfare state) and gedankenexperiment the solutions together soon, or we are screwed because "inevitable" just ain't going to happen in time otherwise. In the meantime, while you are waiting for "inevitable", check out National Geographic, NASA, etc. satellite images of out of control worldwide pollution, ice melting, reductions in agricultural land, etc. that are proving we are running out of time, faster all the time, while earth dies in front of your eyes waiting for "inevitable". Is this really the legacy of what you want to pass on to future generations, they are the ones you are going to have to explain your waiting for the "inevitable" theory to while you failed to do anything in the meantime with what we have available today?
  3. You sure got that right. * sigh * P.S. How about another Manhattan Project to end the current oil wars, oil terrorism, etc.: 1) Produce feasible fuel cells for immediate implementation in transportation, individual homes , businesses, anyone in the world? 2) Produce feasible fusion power generation to prevent international social, political and economic chaos.
  4. My "tirade" against UC National Labs is that I know what goes on there best, plus there have been far too many documentations of their failures in science and administration at UC National Labs, they are the ones that Edward Teller (Dr. Strangelove) built the LLNL toys for focused on fusion, and they have "created" the greatest scientific failure in history of science. Golly I can't remember the hundreds of times that PR statement has been issued over the last 50 years. You bring up a most excellent point, scientists must THINK first before the supercomputers can do anything more than process GIGO. Supercomputers, like accelerators need people who THINK before accelerating (bits as well as particles) and we obviously don't have enough of those who would rather think first before accelerating. NEWS FLASH: 9/11 occurred, we are at war in Iraq, terrorism and secular warfare are out of control, Africans are starving by the million, polar icecaps are melting by the cubic miles, global warming and international pollution without borders are facts, etc., etc., etc. TIME HAS RUN OUT, TRY THINKING HARDER
  5. I accept that statement as a truth. Neither San Diego nor Los Angeles newspapers has a decent science section, and that's a great shame against the media. I have been privileged to work with many terrific scientists, especially because I refused to have anything to do with welfare science like UC National Labs, and I have great respect for their Honor, Integrity, Ethics, Morals and contributions to Humanity. So I apologize if my statements are taken as focusing on the general scientific populatoin, they only apply to those who live off of tenured welfare. However, having made that admission, we have to do better than to say it takes 300 years between true discoveries, and return to the ethical scientific standards and methods of Schrodinger et al. who made quantum mechanics happen. Machinenexperiments are just excuses for failure to think.
  6. You sure don't recognize denial when you write it, this is the 21st century and we have supercomputers to help us think, and we still don't have the brains to make a discovery beyond quantum mechanics. But we sure write a lot of best selling science-science fiction books and waste a lot of time and careers on humungous machinenexperiments instead of actually accomplishing anything. 50 years of failure, from Teller LLNL on especially, speaks for itself. Warning: University of California physics PhDs don't even make good toilet paper. CONGRATULATIONS for trying, now try harder, and stay away from government welfare.
  7. Congratulations Tom, you just won the Award for Best Denial of The Day, so far. Plus an Obfuscation cluster. The truth is, if you get a PhD and work for UC National Labs, you might as well take your PhD and roll it onto a roll of toilet paper, because that will be the most useful thing you will do with it as long as you are on welfare with UC National Labs. Again, what I am saying is that scientists must work together in a collaboration of academic institutions to achieve anything, that's what they did to create Quantum Mechanics.
  8. Former San Diego Congressman Duke Cunningham was sentenced to over eight years in prison on Friday for the worst corruption that has ever been found. What most people don't realize is that Duke Cunningham and University of California President and physicist Robert Dynes are both former San Diego residents who achieved fame while living here, but few people realize that they, their colleagues and institutions they serve(d) have one most important shared failure. The fact is that UC President Robert Dynes and his colleagues at the University of California have failed Humanity about as much as Duke Cunningham and his colleagues in Washington DC have betrayed American Democracy, and what they all have in common is their shared responsibility for the worst case failure by the UC National Labs. For over 50 years the UC National Labs have proved the wisdom of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1961 Farewell Address to the Nation: Failures to heed and act on Ike’s "grave" warning for 45 years have taken us to the point where America is now involved in warfare, worldwide terrorism and increasingly aggressive international competition for oil because of the fact that for over 50 years the University of California has been performing hydrogen based energy research at Edward Teller’s LLNL and other UC National Labs which have continuously failed to discover new energy sources to eliminate the needs for oil and other fossil fuels, the “grave” consequences of which are now threatening the very existence of Humanity. And the main reason for UC National Labs failures were ethics, again as documented by Freeman Dyson in Imagined Worlds: Both Cunningham and Dynes also share the worst qualities of the institutions they serve including avarice, elitism, and arrogant marginalization of We The People as well as Humanity. So today we are all paying the hellacious price for the common failure of both institutions, with the worst cast consequences of increasingly out of control poverty, disease and violence in America and around the world. Those are high prices to pay for watching and doing nothing while We allowed our public officials to refuse to accept responsibility and accountability for their failures, until Friday for Duke that is. Now someone needs to hold President Dynes and his bunch accountable for their failures to Humanity.
  9. Thanks for the thought PfA, it's really pretty hopeless at this point considering the over 50 years of failures by the UC National Labs and the University of California professors, executives, and regents to accomplish anything more for Humanity than prove Dyson and Eisenhower right as I noted in my Post #1. While I was at Cal I heard a lot of preaching about Ethics for Humanity, which I have chosen to live by, but since graduation I have read far too many news reports on the failures to practice ethics by the University of California that I have become ashamed to admit I have anything to do with them because they are too criminally corrupt to deal with anymore.
  10. This comment is a perfect example of the denials that brought scientific discovery to a halt after WWII. You can say repeat a "million" for every parameter as much as you wish, but the fact is that scientists no longer think like Einstein, Schrodinger et al. anymore, scientists just want lifetime welfare playing with supermachines without ever having to discover anything again.
  11. You are still in the denial, fingerpointing and obfuscation stage. It science produced fusion generation that UC National Labs started working on over 50 years ago instead of dedicating themselves to tenured welfare state, we wouldn't have to consider actions you like those you suggest. But UC hasn't even come up with feasible fuel cells, so Humanity is screwed, because your suggestions will never get the job done as long as we depend on oil.
  12. You folks can marginalize, deny and obfusate all you wish, which is the way scientists apparently choose to deal with the facts of life devolving around them outside their labs, but the bottom line is that science hasn't replaced the need for oil after over 50 years of failures. The worst case scenario case study is Teller's LLNL toy that he founded over 50 years ago to create fusion energy sources, in addition to his Dr. Strangelove bomb preoccupation. Still nothing today from any of the UC National Labs, not even fuel cells, except for FBI raids because of never-ending criminal negligence, lab mismanagement and corruption by the Board of Regents and UC executives throughout the UC system itself. The only benefit so far, is that all the professors dedicated themselves to the most notorious tenured welfare state in history.
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