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Deep sea cryptid???


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Anyway, nobody has said what about the sound makes it seem like an animal. All I see is that it had to be something at least 100 meters long, which to me makes it seem like most definitely not[/i'] an animal.
I'm definitely not an expert, but I would imagine acoustic signatures of organic origins are quite different and distinguishable from inorganic sources. I know a good sonar operator has an amazing capability for making such distinctions, and can tell the difference in classes of submarines by the varying sounds of their propellers underwater and even when one has flooded a torpedo tube prior to discharge.


Oscilloscope signal characteristics from fifty years of underwater listening documentation have probably produced a set of analysis standards that allow experts to say with confidence that "bloop" is definitely organic in origin.

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How does it tell us it's biological in origin? That's quite a big leap to make from one "bloop," especially considering the size the thing would have to be. Rather than assume some impossibly huge creature (what would it eat, for God's sake), I take the absurd size constraint as proof that it isn't biological. It does tell us something about us that as soon as we hear an unidentified noise, the first thing we leap to is "huge monster enormously bigger than anything anyone has ever seen."


Sisyphus, I didn't say it was biological in nature, those listening to it did. I couldn't tell a whale fart from an underwater volcano going off, I do trust that those who research these things can though. They tried all other explanations before arriving at the large creature idea because they didn't like the Sea Monster idea either.


As to what it would eat, at that size I would think "Anything it wants to.":D


I've been rummaging around the net and most references I find point back to the same articles in New Scientist, CNN or The Age. One thing to keep in mind is that those who use SOSUS are just reporting the facts as they know them, if this upsets the Marine Biologists, then tough.


For those who like the sepent idea I came across this site. It's an interesting read. Large serpents have been reliably reported in many areas for hundreds of years.

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